Check Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Sale Details; Offer List

Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Sale Details; are you looking for details about Reliance trends Independence Day sale 2023? Trends stores are best for fashion apparel shopping specially during Independence Day 2023 event and known for providing best deals and discount during the Independence Day sale. Today we share a list of office that are running at Reliance Trend store near you check the details before visiting the store and avail best offers in a city.

You are planning your visit for the nearest Reliance trends store so before visiting there check their latest offers on the prison of Independence Day.

What is Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Sale Details?

More than 2000 Reliance trends store located in a city or town near use that are offering best quality for clothing for your daily and occasion needs. On the occasion of public holiday of 15 August 2023 they are back with the Independence Day sale 2023.

Reliance Trends 15 August Sale Offer

Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Sale Dates

Trends August Sale Offer 2023 Start DateTrends August Sale Offer Last Date
 01-08 -202331-08-23

Check the details of the dates;

Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 SaleDates
Offer NameTrends Independence Day 2023 Sale
Promo NameTrends Freedom Sale 2023
Sale Dates11th August – 16 August 2023
Applicable FormatTrends, Men, Women, Kids & Footwear

What are Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Sale Offers

During the event of Independence Day 2023 the most love fashion destination Reliance trends is all set for the mega event. They have latest clothing range for your festival look or casual look and they are offering use discount and cashback on the occasion of Trends 15 August 2023 sale.

Below HD offer list which is applicable in all the offline store and valid for online shopping as well. So be ready to look gorgeous and all the deal and discount in a store near you.

S.NoReliance Trends Independence Day Sale Offer Price List
1Classic ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
2 Stripes ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
3 Checkered ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
4 Floral ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
5 Geometric ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
6 Denim ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
7 Paisley ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
8 Tropical ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
9 Polka Dot ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
10 Chambray ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
11 Oxford ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
12 Gingham ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
13 Herringbone ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
14 Madras ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
15Tartan ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
16 Hawaiian ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
17 Ikat ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
18 Camouflage ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
19Midi  dressesUp to 60% Off on MRP
20Maxi  dressesUp to 60% Off on MRP
21Denim  dressesUp to 60% Off on MRP
22Casual  dressesUp to 60% Off on MRP
23Maternity TopsUp to 60% Off on MRP
24KurtisUp to 70% Off on MRP
25LeggingUp to 70% Off on MRP
26ActivewearUp to 70% Off on MRP
27Bra and PantyUp to 70% Off on MRP
28 Men’s Flip-Flops & SlippersUp to 70% Off on MRP
29 Slippers for WomenUp to 70% Off on MRP
30 Women Slippers GirlsUp to 70% Off on MRP
31  Soft Sole Slipper for WomenUp to 70% Off on MRP
32 Casual Outdoor Indoor Walking FlipflopsUp to 70% Off on MRP
33 Slipper Toe StyleUp to 50% Off on MRP
34 Stylish Attractive Soft Casual SlippersUp to 50% Off on MRP
35 Womens Heeled SandalUp to 50% Off on MRP
36 Criss Cross High Heel SandalUp to 50% Off on MRP
37 Women’s ShoesUp to 50% Off on MRP
38  perfume price in IndiaUp to 50% Off on MRP
39  Lipstick price Up to 50% Off on MRP
40  Deo Up to 50% Off on MRP
41  Maskara Up to 60% Off on MRP
42 Womens  Tops PriceUp to 60% Off on MRP
43 Womens T-shirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
44 Women KurtiUp to 60% Off on MRP
45 Women’s LegingUp to 60% Off on MRP
46 Ladies’ underwear price ( Bra and Panties)Up to 60% Off on MRP
47 Women Western Tops Up to 60% Off on MRP
48 Women Ethnic KurtiUp to 70% Off on MRP
49 PallazoUp to 70% Off on MRP
50 Women’s Western Style Office DressUp to 50% Off on MRP
51 Ladies ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
52 Women’s Kurtas & KurtisUp to 50% Off on MRP
53 Eye Makeup RemoverUp to 50% Off on MRP
54 Lip Colour Remover WipesUp to 50% Off on MRP
55 Nail Colour Remover Up to 50% Off on MRP
56 Nail Paint RemoverUp to 50% Off on MRP
57 Lip BalmUp to 50% Off on MRP
58Face WashUp to 60% Off on MRP
59 Kajal Up to 60% Off on MRP
60 Nail Colour / Nail PaintUp to 60% Off on MRP
61 Beauty BlenderUp to 60% Off on MRP
62 Hair ClutcherUp to 60% Off on MRP
63 Shower Gel (Berry Blast)Up to 60% Off on MRP
64 Lipstick from Up to 70% Off on MRP
65 Deo – Spark, PulseUp to 70% Off on MRP
66 Lip Crayon Candy PinkUp to 70% Off on MRP
67Lip Crayon Pink LoveUp to 50% Off on MRP
68 Lip Crayon Pink PoutUp to 50% Off on MRP
69LipstickUp to 50% Off on MRP
70 Micellar WaterUp to 70% Off on MRP
71PouchUp to 70% Off on MRP
72 Nail Paint Set of 4 (Different shades and Colour)Up to 70% Off on MRP
73BB CreamUp to 50% Off on MRP
74 Freedom Deo and PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
75 Man Deo and PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
76Perfume for womanUp to 60% Off on MRP
77Sport Deo and Perfume from Up to 60% Off on MRP
78 Sneakers PriceUp to 60% Off on MRP
79 Men ShoesUp to 60% Off on MRP
80 Sports ShoesUp to 60% Off on MRP
81 Ladies SandalUp to 70% Off on MRP
82 Kids ShoesUp to 70% Off on MRP
83 Flip FlopUp to 50% Off on MRP
84 Ladies SlipperUp to 50% Off on MRP
85  Casual Shirt for Men Up to 50% Off on MRP
86  Criss Cross High Heel SandalUp to 50% Off on MRP
87  Deo – Spark, PulseUp to 50% Off on MRP
88  Eye Makeup RemoverUp to 50% Off on MRP
89  Freedom Deo and PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
90  Kajal Up to 50% Off on MRP
91  Lip BalmUp to 60% Off on MRP
92  Lip Colour Remover WipesUp to 60% Off on MRP
93  Man Deo and PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
94  Men Cotton Printed T-shirtsUp to 60% Off on MRP
95  Nail Colour / Nail PaintUp to 60% Off on MRP
96  Nail Paint Set of 4 (Different shades and Colour)Up to 60% Off on MRP
97  Regular Fit Cotton Crew T-ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
98  Solid Men TshirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
99  Women’s Kurtas & KurtisUp to 60% Off on MRP
100  Women’s western Style Office DressUp to 60% Off on MRP
101   Full-Sleeves Floral Printed Cotton Regular Fit ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
102 BB CreamUp to 60% Off on MRP
103 Campus shoes Up to 60% Off on MRP
104 Crew T-shirt Up to 60% Off on MRP
105 Digital Printed Rayon ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
106 Face WashUp to 70% Off on MRP
107 Formal leather shoesUp to 70% Off on MRP
108 Leather Casual ShoesUp to 70% Off on MRP
109 Lip Crayon Candy Pink / Pink Love /Up to 70% Off on MRP
110 LipstickUp to 70% Off on MRP
111 Lipstick price Up to 70% Off on MRP
112 Men’s Casual ShirtsUp to 70% Off on MRP
113 Men’s Casual ShoesUp to 70% Off on MRP
114 Men’s Printed ShirtsUp to 70% Off on MRP
115 Men’s Regular Fit Shirt CottonUp to 70% Off on MRP
116 Men’s Running ShoeUp to 70% Off on MRP
117 Men’s SneakerUp to 70% Off on MRP
118 Men’s Sports ShoesUp to 70% Off on MRP
119 Perfume for womanUp to 60% Off on MRP
120 Polo T-ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
121 PouchUp to 70% Off on MRP
122 Printed Cotton T-shirtUp to 70% Off on MRP
123 Sandals for MenUp to 70% Off on MRP
124 Sandals lightweight Clog ShoesUp to 50% Off on MRP
125 shoe priceUp to 50% Off on MRP
126 Shoes and Slippers for menUp to 50% Off on MRP
127 Sleevless Mens T-shirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
128 Slim Fit Casual ShirtUp to 50% Off on MRP
129 Sport Deo and Perfume from Up to 50% Off on MRP
130 Elegance PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
131  Blossom PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
132 Delight PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
133 Passion PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
134  Glamour PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
135 Enchant PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
136 Radiance PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
137 Mystique PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
138 Allure PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
139  Serenity PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
140  Bliss PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
141 Harmony PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
142 Opulence PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
143 Whisper PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
144 Captivate PerfumeUp to 50% Off on MRP
145 BB Cream (Suitable for all skin and 100% VEGAN)Up to 50% Off on MRP
146 Deo – Spark, PulseUp to 50% Off on MRP
147 Eye Makeup Remover(Contain 10 wipes of size 15 cm by 14 cm.)Up to 50% Off on MRP
148 Kajal Up to 50% Off on MRP
149 Lip Crayon Pink LoveUp to 50% Off on MRP
150 Shower Gel (Berry Blast )Up to 50% Off on MRP
151 Shower Gel (Citrus Shower Gel )Up to 60% Off on MRP
152 Sport Deo and PerfumeUp to 60% Off on MRP
153Nail Colour Remover Up to 60% Off on MRP
154Nail Paint RemoverUp to 60% Off on MRP
155 Casual Shirt for Men Up to 60% Off on MRP
156 Solid Men TshirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
157 Men Cotton Printed T-shirtsUp to 60% Off on MRP
158 Regular Fit Cotton Crew T-ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
159  shoe priceUp to 60% Off on MRP
160  Digital Printed Rayon ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
161  Full-Sleeves Floral Printed Cotton Regular Fit ShirtUp to 60% Off on MRP
Reliance Trends Offers Today August 2023

All the above offers are live now, moreover offers are available on the platform as well.

 Reliance Trends 15 August Sale 2023

What are Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Offers for Online Shopping?

If you prefer online shopping for clothing, than Trends is your best option. It’s a wide popular online shopping platform for clothing brands in India. is the shopping platform for online shopping for Reliance Trends retail stores.

Reliance Trends Online Shopping Offers List?

Wants to know the offers for the Independence Day 2023 for Reliance Trends online shopping? Well we have visited the online shopping platform & chosen best deals for you.

Reliance Trends Independence Day Online Offers

Check below list of offers for online shopping.

Sr.No.Reliance Trends 15 August Online ShoppingDiscount
1Floral Print Flared Kurta Set with Dupatta(58% off)
2Floral Print  A-line Kurta Set(69% off)
3Floral Print Anarkali Kurta Suit Set(70% off)
4Floral Print Flared Kurta Set with Dupatta(58% off)
5Floral Print Straight Kurta with Pants(70% off)
6Embroidered Flared Kurta & Pants Set(73% off)
7Floral Print Flared Kurta Set with Dupatta(63% off)
8Embellished A-line Kurta Sets(72% off)
9Floral Print Flared Kurta(72% off)
10Embroidered Flared Kurta with Dupatta(67% off)
11Striped A-Line Kurta(70% off)
12Printed Anarkali Kurta Set(60% off)
13Floral Print A-line Kurta(71% off)
14Embellished A-Line Kurta Set with Dupatta(60% off)
15Printed V-Neck Anarkali Kurta(60% off)
16Leaf Print Flared Kurta(65% off)
17Floral Print Anarkali Kurta with Jacket(70% off)
18Floral Print Straight Kurta Set(55% off)
19Printed Flared Kurta with Tie-Ups(70% off)
20Embellished Straight Kurta(70% off)
21Embroidered Round-Neck A-line Kurta(73% off)
22Geometric Print Straight Kurta(70% off)
23Graphic Print Straight Kurta Set(67% off)
24Printed Flared Kurta(64% off)
25Printed Straight Kurta with Inner(70% off)
26Floral Print A-Line Kurta(70% off)
27Embroidered Straight Kurta Suit Set(67% off)
28Floral Print A-Line Kurta Set(60% off)
29Printed Straight Kurta with Pants & Dupatta(79% off)
30Geometric Print Tunic with Mandarin Collar(60% off)
31Embroidered A-Line Layered Kurta Suit Set(70% off)
32Printed Anarkali Kurta Suit Set(68% off)
33Printed Round-Neck Flared Kurta(73% off)
34Foil Print Flared Kurta with Waist Tie-Up(70% off)
35Foil Print A-Line Kurta(60% off)
36Printed Round-Neck Flared Kurta Set(68% off)
37Floral Print Straight Kurta with Jacket(70% off)
38Embroidered Flared Kurta Set(68% off)
39Printed Straight Kurta with Band Collar(70% off)
40Embroidered Flared Kurta(70% off)
41Printed Round-Neck Anarkali Kurta(75% off)
42Printed A-Line Kurta(60% off)
43Floral Print A-line Kurta(71% off)
44Printed Kurta Set with Dupatta(60% off)
45Indian Flared Kurta Set(74% off)

Who all are Reliance trends competitor for the 15 August sale?

The main competition Trends is received online from Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon. Below is list of all the competitors & their event name.

  • Zudio Independence Day Sale 2023
  • Big Bazaar 15 August Sale
  • Fbb Fashion Sale
  • Shoppers Stop Freedom Sale
  • Max Fashion Independence Day 2023 Sale
  • Pantaloons 15 August 2023 Sale

Reliance Trends Store List Near Me for Shopping?

Are you looking for the store list for shopping from Trends Reliance stores? Well its’s super easy, just locate the nearest store from the below list.

This store list of Reliance Trends is very helpful when trying to locate a nearby trends store.

Trends Store NameCityReliance Trends Store Address for Shopping
Reliance Trends Kolkata Nehru RdKolkataDoor no. 7,LIC Metropolition building,  Jawaharlal Nehru
Road , Chowringhee, Kolkata, 700013
Reliance Trends MuzafarpurUB TowerMuzaffarpurPlot No.703  705,UB Tower, Saraiyaganj Muzaffarpur,
842001( Landmark: Near Tower Chowk)
Reliance Trends Patna NavyugPatnaNavyug Kamla Business park, East Boring Canal Road, Patna-
Reliance Trends Bokaro Bokaro MallBokaroTHE BOKARO MALL, CENTRAL AVENUE, SEC – 3 C, BOKARO
Reliance Trends Dhanbad Ozone MallDhanbadOZONE GALLERIA MALL, SARAIDHELA, DHANBAD, 828127(
Reliance Trends Jamshedpr Bombay TwrJamshedpurPLOT NO – H1/5,BOMBAY TOWER, J ROAD, JAMSHEDPUR,
831001( Landmark: BESIDE NATRAJ CINEMA)
Reliance Trends Shillong Marba HubShillongMarba Hub, GS Road, Police Bazar, Shillong, 793001(
Landmark: MUDA parking)
Reliance Trends Bhubneswr JanpathBhubaneshwarPLOT NO-240/2266, KHATA NO-1032/361, INFRONT OF IDCO
Reliance Trends Cuttack Dolamundi SqCuttackPlot no.12/2902,2907,Majestic Plaza, Dolamundai Square, NA, Cuttack, 753001( Landmark: VIP Luggage Store)
Reliance Trends Burdwan Curzon GateBurdwanReliance Trends Ltd, Curzon Resedency, Kalna Road, Opposite
Head Post Office, Burdwan-713101
Reliance Trends Darjiling Rink MallDarjilingNo.19,RINK MALL , LADENLA ROAD , DARJEELING, 734101(
Landmark: Opp GPO)
Reliance Trends Durgapur Fortune PlzDurgapurReliance Trends Ltd, Fortune Plaza, Nachan Road, Benachity,
Reliance Trends Kolkata Axis MallKolkataAction area-1C,CF 9,Axis Mall, New Town, Kolkata, 700156(
Landmark: Near Novotel)
Reliance Trends Kolkata AvaniKolkataRTL Avani Riverside Mall Kolkata Ground & First Floor
Howrah West Bengal
Reliance Trends Kolkata IdealRegencyKolkataNo.46,Ideal Regency , Diamond Harbor Road, Thakurpukur Bazar, Kolkata, 700063( Landmark: Opp-HP Petrol Pump )
Reliance Trends Kolkata DCN MallKolkataShop no. 6, 68 Jessore Road, Diamond Plaza, Kolkata,700055
Reliance Trends Kolkata BarasatJunctKolkataNo.125/1,Suncity  Mall, JESSORE ROAD WEST, Ward No 1,KOLKATA , 700124( Landmark: NEAR CHAMPADALI BUS STAND.)
Reliance Trends Siliguri City CenterSiliguriE0117,CITY CENTER MALL, NH-31, UTTORAYAN , SILIGURI,
Reliance Trends Patna Ambition SaphrPatnaReliance retail ltd,Reliance trends,Ambition Sapphire,Block-
A,Bailey Road,Rajabazar,Infront of piller No.24,Khajpura Patna 800014
Reliance Trends Bhubneswr Z TowerBhubaneshwarPlot No-437/1893,Z Towers, Nandankanan-Cuttack Road, Z
City, Patia Square, BHUBANESWAR, 751024( Landmark: Near Idea  Office )
Reliance Trends Tinsukia GNB RoadTinsukiaShanti Super Market, GNB Road, Tinsukia, 786125
Reliance Trends Sambalpur RIL MallSambalpurPlot No-262,263,270&271,Reliance Retail Limited, Reliance
Retail Limited,  Budharaja Main road, Sambalpur 768004(
Landmark: Near varun plaza )
Reliance Trends Ranchi Sandhya TowerRanchiMS PLOT NO – 2321,SANDHYA TOWER, PURULIA ROAD, RANCHI, 834001( Landmark: NEAR DANGRATOLI CHOWK)
Reliance Trends Siliguri Sevoke RoadSiliguriH/VL/100/B/5,MLA House, Sevoke Road, 2nd Mile, SILIGURI,
734001( Landmark: Opp Cosmos Mall)
Reliance Trends Gangtok Golden PlazaNjpGolden Plaza, MG Marg,  Old Bazar, Gangtok, 737101(
Landmark: Opp  Golden Height Hotel,)
Reliance Trends Silchar NazirapattySilcharSho no- 37,38,39,Goldighi Mall, Premtola Road, Silchar,
Reliance Trends Dibrugrh RNC PathDibrugarhSG Commercial, RNC Path, Mancutta Road, Dibrugarh,
Reliance Trends Raurkela Main RoadRaurkelaPlot no-692/1&2,Balaram Tower, Main road, Daily Market, Rourkela, 769001( Landmark: Opp- Haryana Bhaban)
Reliance Trends Bhagalpur Harish TwrBhagalpurHarish Tower,  Patal Babu Road, Bhagalpur, 812001(Landmark: Opposite Ashoka Grand hotel)
Reliance Trends Faridabd TIMS CrownFaridabad12/7,sector-35,21km stone,NH-2,Crown Interior Mall,
Mathura road, FARIDABAD, 121003( Landmark: Near Sarai Khwaja)
Reliance Trends Lucknow HazaratganjLucknowSHOP NO. 24,HALWASIYA COURT, MG Marg , LUCKNOW,
226001( Landmark: Opp.LIC OFFICE)
Reliance Trends Chandgrh Elante MallChandigarhPlot No-178 Shop No-247&248,Elante Mall, Industrial Area –
Phase 1, CHANDIGARH, 160002( Landmark:  Near Tribune Chowk)
Reliance Trends Delhi V3S MallDelhiReliance Retail Limited V3S Mall,Plot No-12 Laxmi
Nagar,District Center,Main Vikas Marg New Marg New Delhi-
Reliance Trends Delhi Funcity MallDelhiPlot no 29 & 31 Ground floor ,Agarwal Funcity Mall, CBD
Shahadra , Near Karkardoma Court, DELHI, 110032( Landmark: Opposite BSES Office)
Reliance Trends Delhi JanakpuriDelhiB1/622,Main Najafgarh  Road Near By Metro pillar No – 575,DELHI, 110058( Landmark: Opposite Janakpuri  District Center)
Reliance Trends Delhi Pinnacle MallDelhiLobby Floor – Plot no 1- 3,Pinnacle Mall, Dwarka Sector 10, DELHI, 110075( Landmark: Opp to Sec 10 Metro Station)
Reliance Trends Gurgaon Ansal PlazaGurgaonAnsal plaza palam vihar UG-27&28 1st floor sector 23 Behind
BSNL exchange gurgaon 122017
Reliance Trends Kurkshtr Kessel MallKurukshetraShop no. B,C,F 09 To F16,  ,Kessel Mall, Sector-17, Main
Market, KURUKSHETRA, 136118.
Reliance Trends Rewari BMGRewariShop no Gf 24-34 & FF 24-34 ,BMG Mall, Circular Road ,
circular Road Rewari Haryana, REWARI, 123401.
Reliance Trends Amritsar Alpha OneAmritsarMBM Farm, Mall of Amritsar,GT road, Amritsar
Reliance Trends Jalandhar Lajpat NgrJalandharPLOT NO255 BIG C MALL NEAR GURUNANAK MISSION
Reliance Trends Patiala Omaxe MallPatialashop no. 23-26, LG Floor,Omaxe Mall, Mall Road, PATIALA,
147001( Landmark: opp. Kali Devi Mandir).
Reliance Trends Ajmer Cine MallAjmerGF & 1st Floor,Cine Mall, Vaishali Nagar Road, AJMER,
305001( Landmark: Near Aansagar Lake).
Reliance Trends Udaipur Celbration MUdaipurG-13 FF-16,Celebration Mall, NH-8, Near Bhuana -Fhatepura,
UDAIPUR, 313004.
Reliance Trends Agra Cosmos MallAgraReliance trends limited 119/8&120/8shok cosmos Mall sanjay place chilli int road Agra uttar pradesh -282002
Reliance Trends Allahabad SP MargAllahabad47A/2,Vinayak Solitaire , Sardar Patel Marg Civil lines Road,
Near Subhash Chauraha , ALLAHABAD, 211002( Landmark: In front of Lallu cold drink shop).
Reliance Trends Bareilly Phoenix MalBareillyReliance Trends Phoenix United  Mall Shop No.G-22 Near maha Nagar Col ony Bareilly Uttar Pradesh-243001
Reliance Trends Ghaziabad MahagunGhaziabadPLOT NO -VC-3,MAHAGUN Metro Mall, Sector-3, Ghaziabad, GHAZIABAD, 201010( Landmark: Nr Vaishali Metro station).
Reliance Trends Ghaziabad OpulentGhaziabadNo-115,Opulent Mall, G.T Road, Near Chaudhry mod,
GHAZIABAD, 201001.
Reliance Trends Gorakhpur Bank RoadGorakhpur123/372,AD GOLD MALL, BANK ROAD, GOLGHAR,
GORAKHPUR, 273001( Landmark: Opp.ICICI BANK).
Reliance Trends Lucknow City SquareLucknowPlot No: CP2,City Square Mall, Vipul Khand 4, LUCKNOW,
226010( Landmark: Opp CMS School).
Reliance Trends Meerut Shopprix MallMeerutReliance Retail LTD,Shopprix Mall Major Dhyan chand Nagar
,Sports Goods complex,Opposite dainik Jagran,Meerut- 250002
Reliance Trends Dehradun Kapoor TwrDeharadunGF & FF,KAPOOR TOWERS, RAJPUR ROAD, DEHARADUN,
248001( Landmark: OPP GANDHI PARK).
Reliance Trends Hardwar PentagonMallHardwarPlot no-C1,Pentagon Mall, Double Road , Sector-12 Indust.
Estate, SIDCUL, HARDWAR, 249403.
Reliance Trends Rohtak Medical ChowkRohtakNo-304,Delhi  Rohtak Road, Delhi  Rohtak Road, Medical Mode, ROHTAK, 12 4001( Landmark: Near Power House).
Reliance Trends Amritsar TrilliumMalAmritsarTRILLIUM MALL ANCHOR 1 WING A 2ND FLOOR CIRCULAR
Reliance Trends Haldwani Tirupat TwrHaldwaniplot no.78 & 79,Tirupathi Tower, Haldwani Nainital Road,
HALDWANI, 263139.
Reliance Trends Kanpur Z-Square MallKanpurShop no.second Floor 16/113,mg road  the mall kanpur up-
Reliance Trends Ambala Prem NagarAmbalaSangeeta Complex, Prem Nagar Road, AMBALA, 134003(
Landmark: Opp.Manauli house).
Reliance Trends Bathinda RIL MallBathindaReliance Mega Mall, National Highway road 64 , BATHINDA, 151001( Landmark: Opp Sharma Military Public School).
Reliance Trends Karnal Dayal ColonyKarnalDayal singh colony Kunjpura Road Shop No. 23, Oppsite
Sargam Electronic Store
Reliance Trends Hyderabad GachibowliHyderabadVaishnavi cynosure Bulding  plot no 20 survey No 18 , Gachibowli Shirlingmapally Mandal Ranga Reddy DISt TG
Reliance Trends Hyderabad RadhikaMalHyderabadReliance Trends, Reliance Retail Limited,Radhika Asian
Multiplex, 1-6-1, Sriram Nagar Colony, Anupuram ECIL, 500062
Reliance Trends Kurnool BudhawarpetKurnoolGround Floor, Reliance Retail Ltd ,SY.No.209/4&209/B, TGV Complex, Budhavarapupeta, Kurnool City-518 001.
Reliance Trends Hyderabad City CentrHyderabadCity Center Mall, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, 500034(
Landmark: Care Hospital).
Reliance Trends Hyderabad AttapurHyderabadSrisailam Harsha Mcube Mall, Pillar No: 118, 119, Hyderabad,
Reliance Trends Bhimavrm City CntrBheemavaramCostal City Center Mall, Undi Road, Bhimavaram, 534201(
Landmark: Opp. kishore theater).
Reliance Trends Eluru Central PlazaEluruCentral Plaza, Pathebad Road, Eluru, 534003( Landmark:
Opp. Vijaya Mess).
Reliance Trends Guntur ArundelpetGunturDoor NO: – 6 – 5 – 36. ,Varasiddhi Arcade, Arundalpet, 4 th line
Arundalpet, Guntur, 522002.
Reliance Trends Guntu LakshmipuramGuntur5-90-28/1,GRAND FORTUNER, LAKSHMIPURAM MAIN ROAD,
GUNTUR, 522007( Landmark: Sita Ramaiah High school).
Reliance Trends Hyderabad BegumpetHyderabadH.No: 1-10-39 to 44, Gumidelli Complex, Airport Road,
Begumpet, hyderabad- 500062
Reliance Trends Hyderabad KBHBColonyHyderabadReliance Trends, MIG 121 &122, Phase – 1 , KPHB Colony, Opposite: Prasad Hospital, Hyderabad – 500072
Reliance Trends Hyderabad MehdiptnamHyderabad10-3-310/1,CASTLE HILLS TECHNOPOLIS, VIJAYNAGAR
Reliance Trends Hyderabad SrinvasTwrHyderabad16-11-1/5,Sri Srinivas Towers, Moosarambagh, Hyderabad,
Reliance Trends Hyderabad CentrumHyderabadNSL CENTRUM, KPHB ROAD NO 1 KUKATPALLI IJM CIRCLE,
Reliance Trends Hyderabad KothapetHyderabad11-9-133,GF,STREET NO 9/1/, STREET NO 9/1/A,,
Reliance Trends Hyderabad KachigudaHyderabadMunicipal No.3-3-42, 3-3-42/A to 3-3-42/E,QUTUBIGUDA ,
Veer Savarkar Road, Kachiguda Station Road, Kachiguda, Hyderabad, 500027.
Reliance Trends Rajmundr AlcotGardnRajahmundryIMFC complex, Alcot gardens, Rajahmundry, 533101(
Landmark: Near Railway station).
Reliance Trends Vizag BochupetaVizianagaramNCS MULTIPLEX, Thotapalem Road, vizianagaram, 535002(
Landmark: opp.RTC complex).
Reliance Trends Warangal HanmakondaWarangalReliance Trends, Reliance Retail Limited,S.No.1080,
Balasamudram road, Patnam Road,Hanamkonda, Telangana – 506001
Reliance Trends Warangal Jakotia ComWarangalMAIN ROAD LEADS TO NARSAMPET , OPP:RATNA HOTEL,
Reliance Trends Nellore KondayapalemNellore26-1-1763,Mini Byepass Road, Mini Byepass Road , Magunta
layout , Nellore , 524004( Landmark: opposite TVS showroom ).
Reliance Trends Kakinada RIL MallKakinadaCMC mall Kakinada, Rama Somayajulu Street, Kakinada,
533001( Landmark: C & C Theater).
Reliance Trends Khammam Kama ComplexKhammamPLOT NO.1 &2,KAMA VENKATREDDY COMMERCIAL
COMPLEX, WYRA ROAD, KHAMMAM, 507002( Landmark:
Reliance Trends Hyderabad UppalHyderabadHema Durga Mall, Shanthi Nagar, Uppal Kalan, Hyderabad,
Reliance Trends Hyderabad 10&12,,Gokul Arcade, 12s,saheb nagar, Hayatnagar
Mandal, Hyderabad, 500070.
Reliance Trends Ongole RIL MallOngole37-1-166 B,BMK NAIDU BUILDINGS GUNTURE ROAD,
GUNTUR ROAD, Venkateswara nagar, ONGOLE, 523001( Landmark: NAVABHARATHI THEATER).
Reliance Trends Calicut RP MallCalicutRP Mall, MAVOOR ROAD, Calicut, 673004( Landmark: Opp
Private Bus Stand).
Reliance Trends Kannur K MallKannurKannur mall, SN Park Road, Kannur, 670001( Landmark: Opp
Kavitha Theater).
Reliance Trends Kochi O MallKochiReliance Trends LTD  ,Store code – 8065,1st Floor.Oberonmall,Shop no – 10,Building no-34,NH-47,Edappally,Ernakulam
Reliance Trends Kollam K MallKollamRRL Trends K Mall Kollam Store Reliance Retail Limited. K Mall Near Velankanni Matha Church, Vadakkumbhagam Road Nh -47Off Chinnakada 691001 KOLLAM
Reliance Trends Kottayam VettiyilKottayamVettiyil Endow ,opposite private bus stand Nagambadam pin-
Reliance Trends Palakkad Jobis MallPalakkadJobis mall, G B Road, Palakkad , 678001.
Reliance Trends Payyannur P MallPayyannurPAYYANUR MALL, POLICE STATION ROAD, PAYYANUR ,
670307( Landmark: OPPOSITE TO BSNL BUILDING ).
Reliance Trends Thrissur Grand MallThrissurReliance Trends,Grand mall,Near Poothole Road, Opp
WoodLand ,Thrissur.Pin-680004
Reliance Trends Pala Puthetu ArcadePalaiReliance Trends,Puthettu Arcade,Kottaramattom,Pala,Kottayam Dist,Kerala-686575
Reliance Trends Bangalore BanshankriBangalore#92/10, katriguppe main road, next to bigbazar,banashankari
bangalore – 560085
Reliance Trends Bangalore JayanagarBangaloreno 50/30  29th cross geeta colony  off 11th mai road  4th
block jayanagar   560011
Reliance Trends Bangalore AscendasBangaloreG, 11, Reliance retail Limited, Ascendas park square mall,
whitefield main road, ITPL, bangalore, 560066
Reliance Trends Bangalore RMMBangaloreRoyal Meenakshi Mall , Hulimavu Bannergatta Road
,#423/376/467. Bangalore-560076
Reliance Trends Bangalore HebbalBangalore52/3,nagashetty halli, Badrapa layout,Outer ring road,Near
Reliance Trends Bangalore GopalanMalBangaloreGopalan Signature Mall, Old Madras Road, Bangalore,
560038( Landmark: Opp RMZ infantry).
Reliance Trends Bangalore Kamaraj RdBangaloreReliance Retail Limited #313/314, Kamaraj Road, Commercial
Street, Bangalore-560042 Karnataka
Reliance Trends Bangalore MalleswramBangalore345 & 346, Yashoda Arcade, Sampige Road, 11th cross,
Bangalore, 560003( Landmark: Flower market).
Reliance Trends Belgaum Nucleus MallBelgaumRelince Retail Ltd, Ist floor, Nucleus Mall, to
1660, Ramling Khind Galli, Opp.KirloskarRoad, Belgaum- 590002.
Reliance Trends Gulbarga Asian MallGulbargaReliance Trends  behind KBN hospital aiwan shahi roa Asian
mall Gulbarga-585102
Reliance Trends Hubli U-MallHubliRelinace Trends,  U-mall,Coen Road Opp Koppikar Roa Hubli-
Reliance Trends Hubli Urban OasisHubliReliance Trends,Urban oasis Mall Next to Akshaya park,
Gokul Raod Hubli -580030
Reliance Trends Mangalore CityCentreMangaloreCity Centre Mall, KS Rao Road, Mangalore, 575001(
Landmark: Opp Harsha Electronics).
Reliance Trends Mysore SDMMysore2254,SDM MALL ,Vinoba Road, Mysore, 570005 ( Landmark:
Next to Southern Star Hotel).
Reliance Trends Bangalore Total MallBangaloreTotal Mall, Sarjapur Main Road, Varthur Hobli, Bangalore, 560035( Landmark: Opposite Motherhood hospital).
Reliance Trends Tumkur DeviprasadTumkurReliance trends,Deviprasad central opp Bata showroom, BH
Road Tumkur-572101
Reliance Trends Bellary Teja ComplexBellaryReliance Retail LTD.,No#79/8,Tej Complex, Shdharth Nagar,
Infantory Road,Bellary-583104
Reliance Trends Bangalore Gandhi BzrBangaloreTrends, Reliance retail Limited, No-10, Gnadhi Bazar Main Road, Gandhi Bazar, Bangalore ,Karnataka – 560004
Reliance Trends Bangalore ElementMalBangaloreReliance Retail Limited , Elements Mall, Nagavara Village
No.132/1A 1B 133/1 2 100ft Thanisandra main road Bangalore – 560077 Karnataka
Reliance Trends Tirunlvli RILPalymktTirunelveliRR Mall, Trivandrum Road, Tirunelveli, 627002( Landmark:
Opp. Collector office).
Reliance Trends Chennai P Mkt CityChennaiShop : No: F32, Phoniex Market city Mall, 142 Velachery Main
Road, Velachery, Chennai – 600042.
Reliance Trends Chennai RK SalaiChennaiNO:89,A1 Tower, R K Salai, chennai, 600004( Landmark:
Reliance Trends Chennai Arcot RoadChennaiReliance retail Ltd, # 183, arcot road, valasaravakkam,
chennai – 600087
Reliance Trends Chennai AmbatturChennaiReliance Trends, #41/42 CTH Road, Ambattur< Chennai –
Reliance Trends Chennai AdyarChennai57,First Main Road, First Main Road, Gandhi Nagar , Chennai,
600020( Landmark: Near Sangeetha Hotel).
Reliance Trends Chennai PeramburChennai78/79,Madhavaram High Road, Madhavaram High Road , Chennai, 600011( Landmark: Near Bharat Petrolium).
Reliance Trends Chennai TH RoadChennaiM.G.S Tower, Thiruvottiyur High Road, Chennai, 600021.
Reliance Trends Chennai T NagarChennai140/48,Arihant , North Usman Road, Chennai, 600017(
Landmark: Tanishq Jewellery).
Reliance Trends Chennai ThiruvanmiurChennaiNo 45/999 , Kannapa Nagar, Muttukadu Road ( ECR )
Thiruvanmiyur , Chennai – 41.
Reliance Trends Coimbator BrokefieldCoimbatoreBrookefields Plaza, Krishnaswamy Road,, Coimbatore,
Reliance Trends Coimbator FunRepubliCoimbatoreNO: 474, Fun Republic mall,Sowripalayam
Village,Peelamedu,coimbatore-641 014.
Reliance Trends Karur PLA ComplexKarur12 /A,PLA Complex, Opp Kangu Mandabam, Karur, 639001(
Landmark: Nr TVS SHOW ROOM).
Reliance Trends Madurai Vishaal MallMaduraiVISHAAL DE MALL, GOKHALE ROAD, MADURAI, 625002(
Reliance Trends Trichy ThillainagarTiruchirappalliB16,SAL MALL, Sastri Road, Thillai Nagar North East Extension, Trichy, 620018( Landmark: Opp. Naidu Hall).
Reliance Trends Chennai PallikaranaiChennaiNo 49,Natwest Viceroy, Tambaram Main Road, chennai,
600100( Landmark: st peter school ).
Reliance Trends Salem RIL MallSalemGreen Fields Mall, Meyyanur Road, 5 Road Signal, Salem,
636004( Landmark: Opp BSNL telephone Circle).
Reliance Trends Erode Brough RoadErodeDoor No.344,Radha Prasad  Hotel, Municipal Ward No. C Block 28 Erode, 638001( Landmark: Telephone Bhawan).
Reliance Trends Chennai PurasawakkamChennainew no 156,Purasawakkam high road, Chennai, 600007(
Landmark: next to Ramraj Cotton).
Reliance Trends Chennai MadipakkamChennaiPlot No.2 Door No.78,Medavakkam Main Road Chennai,
600091( Landmark: UTI BANK).
Reliance Trends By Pass RoadMadurai182/1,BYPASS ROAD MADURAI, 625010( Landmark: OPP.
Reliance Trends Pune Seasons MallPuneG19, Season Mall Kharadi Bye Pass Road, Hadapsar, Opp.Amanora Town Centre Maharashtra, Pune-411028
Reliance Trends Mumbai LittleWKharghNavi MumbaiShop No -9,Little World Mall, Thane Belapur Road,
Hiranandani Society, NAVI MUMBAI, 410210.
Reliance Trends Bilaspur MagnetoMallBilaspurRama Magneto Mall,  Shreekant Verma Marg, Deendayal
Upadaya chowk, BILASPUR, 495004( Landmark: Near Sai Mandir).
Reliance Trends Surya BhilainagarDurg-BhilainagarSURYA TREASURE ISLAND MALL, Opp. SURYA VIHAR ,
Reliance Trends Raipur City CentreRaipurGround floor ,City Center Mega mall , Pandri Railway Crossing, RAIPUR, 492001( Landmark: Opposite PF office).
Reliance Trends Ahmedabd 10 AcreAhmedabad10Acres City Mall, Kakariya Road, Opp Arya samaj ,
AHMEDABAD, 380002.
Reliance Trends Ahmedabd ISKON MallAhmedabadISCON MEGA MALL, S.G HIGHWAY , AHMEDABAD, 380051(
Reliance Trends Ahmedabd Alpha OneAhmedabadAlpha One Mall, Vastrapur Road, Opp.Kalyan Pushti Haveli, AHMEDABAD, 380054( Landmark: Near Vastrapur lake).
Reliance Trends Crystal MallJamnagarCRYSTAL MALL, KHODIYAR COLONY, JAMNAGAR, 361005(
Landmark: Opp: Khodiyar Temple).
Reliance Trends Vadodara Cine MallVadodaraCine Mall, Race Course Road, VADODARA, 390007(
Landmark: Nr. Natubhai Circle).
Reliance Trends Bhopal DB CityBhopalShop No. F-14,DB Mall Bhopal, Jail Road, BHOPAL, 462011.
Reliance Trends Bhopal Aashima MallBhopalPLOT NO. 67-78,AASHIMA MALL, HOSHANGABAD ROAD,
Reliance Trends Indore C21 MallIndoreC-21 Mall, A.B Road , Vijay Nagar, INDORE, 452010(
Landmark: Near Orbitto Mall).
Reliance Trends Jabalpur SamdareeyaJabalpur43088,Samadariya Mall, Civic Center, JABALPUR, 482001(
Landmark: Near malvya chowk).
Reliance Trends Amravati Kubd HeightAmravatiReliance Trends, Above Kubde Heights,Near Gandhi
chowk,Rajkamal Square Amravati-444601
Reliance Trends Aurngabad ProzoneMalAurangabadG-08,D5,Prozone Mall, Jalna Road, AURANGABAD, 431001(
Landmark: MIDC).
Reliance Trends Kolhapur Tapadia MalKolhapurSite no 61,Tapadia Mall, Dalal Market, Laxmi Puri,
KOLHAPUR, 416002( Landmark: NEAR UMA THEATER).
Reliance Trends Mumbai Bandra HillRdMumbai85,Main Street Mall, Hill Road, MUMBAI, 400050( Landmark:
Nr Elco Market).
Reliance Trends Mumbai Korum ThaneMumbaiFA-2 ,KORUM MALL, MANGAL PANDEY ROAD, OFF EASTERN
EXPRESS HIGHWAY, MUMBAI, 400606( Landmark: Nr
Reliance Trends Mumbai RIL DVictoriaMumbaiD Victoria Mall, Shimpli Road, MUMBAI, 400092( Landmark:
Opp. Shimpoli Police Chowki).
Reliance Trends Nagpur Empress CityNagpurShop no.139 Empresscity mall near gandhi sagar lake sir
bezonji mehta raod nagpur440018 maharashtra
Reliance Trends Nasik CityCentre MalNashik117-133 FF,CITY CENTER MALL, Untwadi Road, Lawate Nagar,
NASIK, 422002.
Reliance Trends Pune Amanora MallPuneReliance Retail Limited Amanora Town Centre E-82 Grnd.
Floor East block hadapsar kharadi bypass hadapsar pune 411028
SANGLI, 416416( Landmark: NEAR BSNL OFFICE).
Reliance Trends Mumbai Viviana ThaneMumbaiFF-24,Viviana Mall, Pokhran Road no.2, Voltas Compound, MUMBAI, 400610( Landmark: Next to Jupiter hospital ).
Reliance Trends Gwalior Deen DayalGwaliorDEEN DAYAL CITY MALL , RANI LAXMI BAI MLB ROAD ,
GWALIOR, 474009.
Reliance Trends Mumbai GulmohurVirarMumbaiGulmohar Plaza, Old Viva College road, MUMBAI, 401303.
Reliance Trends Rajkot RIL MallRajkot1st Floor ,Reliance Mega Mall, 150 ft Ring Road, RAJKOT,
360005( Landmark: Opp. Patel Tour& Travel).
Reliance Trends Bhavnagar Himlya MalBhavnagarHimalaya Mall, 120 Feet Road, Opp. Victoria  Park, BHAVNAGAR, 364001 Landmark: Next to Iscon Mega City,).
Reliance Trends Pune RIL PCMCPunekonkane Chowk Pimple Saudagar PCMC – Pune Maharashtra –
Reliance Trends Vadodara RIL MallVadodaraPlot No 88,Reliance Mega Mall, Old Padra Road, VADODARA, 390020( Landmark: opp sterling Health mall).
Reliance Trends Aurngabad RIL GarkhAurangabadRELIANCE MALL , GARKHEDA, AURANGABAD, 431005(
Reliance Trends Pune RIL Mall AundhPuneTRENDS ,1st Floor ZOLO West End Mall , Centre II. Next to
West End Mall,Opp. McDonalds, D.P. Road,Aundh Pune
,Maharashtra – 411007
Reliance Trends Mumbai TIMS AcmeScruMumbaiACME MALL, SV ROAD, KHIRA NAGAR, MUMBAI, 400054(
Reliance Trends Surat VR MallSuratShop No : 29,VR Mall , Surat Dhummas Road , Rundh
Magdalla Village, SURAT, 395007.
Reliance Trends Mumbai Sec 17 VashiNavi Mumbai201/202 PLOT NO.9,Raikar Bhavan, Sector -17,  Vashi, NAVI
MUMBAI, 400705.
Reliance Trends Mumbai Growel KandvlMumbaiGrowels 101 Mall, Akurli Road, MUMBAI, 400101.
Reliance Trends GayaApr City CentreGayaReliance Trends , APR City Centre Mall,Municipal Survey Plot
No. 13314 Mohalla, Jagjeevan Road  Civil Lines Gaya, 823001 GAYA< /td>
Reliance Trends Guwahati G S RoadGuwahatiSubham Crescent, GS Road, Rukminigaon, Guwahati, 781022.
Reliance Trends Cuddapah Koti CircleCuddapahT.S No. 234/1A,Jesus Towers, Rayalaseema Diocese, T.S No.
234/1A, CSI Compound, Kadapa, 516001( Landmark: Koti Reddy Circle).
Reliance Trends Indore Sapna SangetaIndorePLOT NO-4,Sapna Sangeeta complex, Sapna Sangeeta  Road,
INDORE, 452001( Landmark: Nr  INOX).
Reliance Trends Bhilwara BhopalganjBhilwaraShop No – F7 to F12 & F14 to F16,City Center Mall, Peth
Area, Old Jaswant Cinema,, BHILWARA, 311001.
Reliance Trends Chennai Anna NagarChennaiPlot No:4953,A,C Block,1st, A,C Block,1st Street, 4th avenue, Chennai, 600040( Landmark: Opp. Blue star (bus stop)).
Reliance Trends Pala Dream MallPalaiRRL TRENDS  Dream Mall Thodupuzha,Reliance Retail
Limited,Door No 13/104-A & 13/104 E,Dream Mall Opp Pulimottil Silks,685584 THODUPUZHA
Reliance Trends Bangalore TIMSVijngrBangaloreRELIANCE SMART (TTMC ),TRAFFIC & TRANSIT , TRAFFIC &
Bangalore, 560040.
Reliance Trends Jhansi Hotel PujanJhansi371/9 Reliance Trends, Hotel Pujan, Opposite Bsnl Exchange,
Civil Lines, Jhansi (UP) Pin:- 284001
Reliance Trends Trivandrm KowdiarTrivandrumDevasom Board Junction Kowdiar, Trivandrum, 695003.
Reliance Trends Hyderabad Mythri ngrHyderabadPLOT NO: 02,J B PLAZA, MYTHRINAGAR COLONY,
Reliance Trends Mandya MC RdMandyaM C ROAD MANDYA, 571401( Landmark: OPP
Reliance Trends Delhi NajafgarhDelhiPlot No 1 & 2,Shivagi Marg, Shivagi Marg, Vijay Park, DELHI,
110043( Landmark: Near HDFC Bank).
Reliance Trends Bangalore VidyrnyaprBangaloreReliance Trends #30 NTI Layout near post office
Vidyaranyapura main road opp to soukya hospital Bangalore – 560097 Karnataka
Reliance Trends Rudrapur MetropolisRudrapurII-E SIDCUL NH-87 ,Metropolis Mall, Pantnagar, Udham Singh
Nagar, RUDRAPUR, 263153
Reliance Trends Erode RIL Rana HallErodeReliance Retail Limited, Reliance Trends,2nd Floor,Reliance Hyper Mall,Old rana Hall,Perundurai Road,Erode- 638001.(Land Mark : Near Collector Office)
Reliance Trends Muzafrngr Grand PlzaMuzaffarnagarASJ Grand Plaza Mall,Property No.352 & 353, Dwarkapuri, Bhopa Road Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh- 251001
Reliance Trends Jalpaiguri DBC RdJalpaiguri19/A/52,Cosmos Arcade, DBC Road, Jalpaiguri, 735101(
Landmark: Above GEETA Fashion).
Reliance Trends Udupi Udupi RoadUdupiPragati Business District , Udupi Manipal road , Manipal,
576104( Landmark: Opp. Bluedart office).
Reliance Trends Thiruvarur Jn RoadThiruvarur46/11,J.N Road, Oil Mill Complex, Thiruvallur, 602001(
Landmark: GRT Jewellery).
Reliance Trends Anantpur Kamla NgrAnantapurD.No 14-110 Subhash Raod Kamalanagar Anantapur Kamala nagar, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh Anantapur – 515001
Reliance Trends Nalgonda MeerbaghNalgondaHyderabad, Hyderabad Main,Road , Nalgonda, 508001(
Landmark: Opp  Vidwan College).
Reliance Trends Hyderabad KompalliHyderabadH.No.3,4 & 20&21 Suchitra Circle, Beside Karachi Bakery,
Jeedimetla, Qutubullapur, Hyderabad – 500014
Reliance Trends Hyderabad KharkanaHyderabadH.No: 59/8, Kakguda Village, Kharkana, Secunderabad
Cantonment, Hyderabad – 500015
Reliance Trends Chennai PoonamalleeChennaiReliance Trends, Survey No: 640/3, Mount poonamallee high road near kallarai bus stop, Poonamallee chennai – 600056.
Reliance Trends Yamunagar Uppal MallYamunanagarUpal Universal Mall, Ponta Sahib Chachroli Road, YAMUNANAGAR, 135003( Landmark: Near Agarsen chowk).
Reliance Trends Hyderabad ChampapetHyderabad17-1-382/K/1,SVRS NEELADRI SADAN, Road No 17, Block No
1., SAIDABAD VILLAGE, Hyderabad, 500059( Landmark: Opp Govt Press Colony Kaman.).
Reliance Trends Agartala ShakuntlaRdAgartalaBaid Property, Shakuntala Road, Agartala, 799001( Landmark:
Rabindra Bhavan).
Reliance Trends Hoshiarpur ML PlazaHoshiarpurNo.2/72/7,Mall Plaza, Lajpat Rai Road, HOSHIARPUR, 146001(
Landmark: Opp.Power House).
Reliance Trends Puri Bijaya SubudhiPuriPlot No:-73-277, ,Bijaya Subudhi , Samanta Chandra sekhara
Nagara, Chandana Hazuri road, Puri Town, 752001( Landmark: Near SCS College).
Reliance Trends Jharsguda SarbahalRdJharsugudaPlot No.3207/6054 & 3207/6328,Chawala Heights, Sarbahal
Main Road, Jharsuguda, 768201( Landmark: Near Kamala Furniture).
Reliance Trends Panipat GohanaPanipatPlot no 226 to 233,383 ,G.T.RoadGohana Mode, G.T.Road,
Sector-8, PANIPAT, 132103( Landmark: Opp.Suvidha
Reliance Trends RaeBareli Abid PlazaRae Bareli2779/28 Ahmadpur Zazul Abid Plaza,Canal Road
Chauraha,Degree College Raebarelly,pin-229001
Reliance Trends Bijapur PadmavathiBijapurReliance trends ,survey no 23/1 , 24 E plot no 30,31,32 Mahal
bhagath area Shivling road Bijapur-586103
Reliance Trends Pathankot Sai CmplexPathankotSai Complex Building, Dalhousie Road, PATHANKOT, 145001(
Landmark: Near Novelty Mall).
Reliance Trends Noida GIP MallNoidaShop no-240 2nd Floor,The  Great India Place Mall, Sector-38,
Noida, NOIDA, 201301.
Reliance Trends Ramgarh GulmoharRamgarhGULMOHAR TOWER , GOLA ROAD , MOUZA, RAMGARH ,
829122( Landmark: NEAR LIC BUILDING).
Reliance Trends Hyderabad ForumKukatHyderabadUnit No:228,II Floor,Forum Sujana mall,Kukatpally,500072(Landmark: Opp Malaysian Township)
Reliance Trends Hyderabad KukatpallyHyderabadRRL Trends, Kukatpally , Telangana Dar Estates, Plot NoL14,
SY No: 166, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500072
Reliance Trends Tirupati ByePass RdTirupatiSY.NO 139/1,Airport  Byepass road, Airport  Byepass road, TIRUPATI, 517501( Landm ark: LAKSHMI PURAM CRICLE).
Reliance Trends Ahmednagr Gulati CmpAhmednagarGulati Complex,Trends,Nagar Manmad Road,Near Daule Hospital,opp Sai Midas Touch,Savedi,Ahmednagar 414001
Reliance Trends Kolkata Banik TowersKolkata26,BANIK TOWER, HINDUSTAN PARK, KOLKATA, 700029.
Reliance Trends Bangalore NagarbhaviBangalore#624, 80 Feet Road, Vinayaka Layout 2nd Stage, Nagarbhavi,
Bangalore – 560072
Reliance Trends Bangalore KoramanglaBangalorePID NO 67-7-8 80,GOPI KRISHNA , 80 feet road, 7th Block, Bangalore, 560034( Landmark: SAPNA BOOK HOUSE).
Reliance Trends Berhampore KhagraBaharampur117,kamolini complex,  BB sen road, hari babu dhalu,
Berhampore, 742103( Landmark: opp Bata).
Reliance Trends Samstipur C ComplexSamasthipurCOMMERCIAL COMPLEX, Mathurapur Ghat, Samastipur, 848101( Landmark: Opposite V Mart Showroom).
Reliance Trends Jaipur GT CentralJaipurPlot No.- 4,,GT Central Mall, Maliviya Nagar, Jaipur, 302017(
Landmark: Nr World Trade Centre).
Reliance Trends KanchipuramVellalKanchipuramNo:13,Vallalpachayappan streetKanchipuram,
Vallalpachayappan street, Kanchipuram, 631501( Landmark: Vasan Eye Care).
Reliance Trends Delhi ARSS MallDelhiARSS Mall, Shop no. 121415, Plot no. 40, Cummunity Center
Block A, Paschim Vihar-110063
Reliance Trends Ghaziabad RDCGhaziabadD-41&42,Woodhill, Gaur Mall Road, GHAZIABAD, 201002(
Landmark: Opp.Gaur Center Mall).
Reliance Trends Latur Rangoli MallLaturRangoli, Dayaram Road, Subhash Chowk, LATUR, 413512(
Landmark: Near Regal Cinema).
Reliance Trends Chennai RajakilpakamChennaiNO.55,Velachery main road Mahalakshmi nagar, CITY,
600037( Landmark: Tambaram (east)).
Reliance Trends Miryalguda Sagar RdHyderabadvishnavi  Palace Height, Block No 19, Sagar Roa d, Hyderabad,
Reliance Trends Narsaropet Sunita PlNarasaraopetPLOT NO : 56 B,GADDAM SUNITHA PLAZA , OLD CHECK POST
ROAD, NARASARAOPET, 522601( Landmark: Opp.S.S.N COLLAGE ).
Reliance Trends Bangalore MarathalliBangaloreSite No-2971,Varthur Road, Varthur Road, Bangalore,
Reliance Trends Hyderabad TolichowkiHyderabadDukes Avenue, Old Mumbai Highway, Hyderabad, 500008(
Landmark: Beside President Function Hall).
Reliance Trends Jorhat City CentreJorhatCity Center, Gar Ali, Jorhat, 785001( Landmark: Opposite Elee
Reliance Trends Bettiah Main RoadBettiahA J Complex Khata No.71  Plot No 10,Supriya Road Bettiah
845438 ( Supriya cinema)
Reliance Trends Gorakhpur Medical RdGorakhpur645-646,Medical Road, Medical Road, Rapti Nagar, GORAKHPUR, 273004( Landmark: Opposite Aarogya mandir).
Reliance Trends Bangalore BasveshwraBangalore316,3rd Stage, 3rd Stage, 4th Block, Bangalore, 560079(
Landmark: Next to Priyadharshini Hotel).
Reliance Trends Mumbai InfinityMaladMumbaiLG-001/A,Infiniti Mall, New Link Road , MUMBAI, 400064.
Reliance Trends Alipurduar Cnrt PlazAlipurduarCENTRAL PLAZA,BUILDING, N.S ROAD, JAIGAON, 736182(
Landmark: Opposite BHUTAN GATE).
Reliance Trends Moradabad Kanth RdMoradabadPlot No 208,Bzee Complex, Kanth Road, MORADABAD,
244001( Landmark: Near Dainik Jagran Chauraha).
Reliance Trends Belgaum Civil RoadBelgaumReliance Trends-5950, CTC No:4834/41, Civil Hospital Road,
Sadashiv Nagar, Belgaum-590001.
Reliance Trends Bangalore P Mkt CityBangalorePhoenix Market City, Whitefield Road, Bangalore, 560048(
Landmark: Nr VR Mall).
Reliance Trends Noida Logix MallNoidaPlot No BW 58,Logix City Center Mall, Sector – 32, Noida, NOIDA, 201301( Landmark: Near City Center Metro Station ).
Reliance Trends Pollachi Scheme RoadPollachi59/3,Scheme Road Pollachi, Pollachi, 642001( Landmark:
Arun Hospital).
Reliance Trends Kolkata GTRd SrirampKolkataReliance Trends Ltd, 169 G.T. Road, Manicktala, Srirampore,
Dist – Hoogly, 712201 Beside Big Bazaar
Reliance Trends Rajkot Crystal MallRajkotCrystal Mall, Kalawad Main road , Rajkot, 360005( Landmark:
Opp.Rani Tower).
Reliance Trends Kakinada BhanugudiKakinadaD.No 2-2-1,Kotagiri city centre, Gokul Street, Kakinada,
533003( Landmark: Opp Safe Hosiptal ).
Reliance Trends Kochi Grand CentreKochiGrand Centre Mall, MG  Road, Muvattupuzha, 686661(
Landmark: Opp Aramana Complex).
Reliance Trends Chennai Lotus AvadiChennaiReliance Trends, 713/2, alpha loutus tower, municipal office
back side, 60 feet road, avadi, Chennai – 600054
Reliance Trends Raniganj NSB RoadRaniganjReliance Trends Ltd, Anjana Cinema Hall, 39,N.B.S road
(west), Raniganj -713347
Reliance Trends Allahabad Katra RdAllahabad471/380-469,LRK PLAZA, KATRA ROAD, Netram Chowraha,
ALLAHABAD, 211002( Landmark: Next to NETRAM SWEET HOUSE).
Reliance Trends Bikaner GCK TowerBikanerCT No 4834/41,GCK TOWER, RAILWAY ROAD, RANI BAZAAR,
Reliance Trends Sonipat Atlus RoadSonipat159/20,Sudha Complex, Atlas Road , SONIPAT, 131001.
Reliance Trends Nellore Felicity MalNelloreMGB Felicity Mall, Dargamitta Area,  Nellore, 524003.
Reliance Trends Pune RIL Mal ErandwaPuneDTC/93/5-A,KARWE NAGAR Road MAHTRE BRIDGE, PUNE, 411004( Landmark: Nr DINANATH MANGESHKAR HOSPITAL).
Reliance Trends Medinipur KhudiramRdMedinipur1000,Chandra Kamala Apartment         , Khudiram Bose R PO – Midnapore, Midnapore, 721101( Landmark: Burge Town).
Reliance Trends Dehradun Time SquareDeharadunTIME SQUARE MALL , SHASTRADHARA ROAD, DEHARADUN, 248001( Landmark: OPP.HEALING TOUCH HOSPITAL).
Reliance Trends Chennai ManapakkamChennaiReliance Trends, #  Old no 32, New no 31/1A4A & 1A4B, Mount poonthamallee raod, Manapakkam, chennai – 600125
Reliance Trends Thrissur Shoba CityThrissur1st Floor, Sobha City Mall,Puzhakkal, Punkunnam,Thrissur
Reliance Trends Kolkata ForumRangoliKolkataReliance Trends,FORUM Rangoli Mall 212  Girish Ghosh road
Belur Howrah WB- 711202
Reliance Trends Nanded JK ArcadeNandedFF24-FF 33,J K Arcade, Old Monda, NANDED, 431601.
Reliance Trends Patna AnisabadPatnaAjanta arched, police colony Anishabad, beside action show
room, opposite planet fashion
Reliance Trends Karimnagr RIL MallKarimnagarReliance Retail Ltd, RRL Trends Karimnagar,
SY.No.1342,1347,1348,1349, Opp: SRR Govt Degree College
Vivekanandapuri, Karimnagar – 505001
Reliance Trends Saharanpur Delhi RdSaharanpurKhasra Road:235 Plot No: 1 & 2,M Square, SAHARANPUR, 247001( Landmark: Opposite Dominos Pizza).
Reliance Trends Ahmedabd Ring RdAhmedabadArved Transcube plaza, 132ft Ring road, AHMEDABAD,
382480( Landmark: Near RTO circle).
Reliance Trends Itanagar Zero PointItanagarDaariya Plaza, Zero Point , Itanagar, 791111( Landmark: Opp
Reliance Trends Kochi Grand MallKochiGrand Mall, NH 47 bye pass, Edappally Service Road,
Edappally , 682024.
Reliance Trends Pune Phnx MarketCityPuneReliance Trends, Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Attrium 8 – First
floor, Shop no – 46/47,Viman Nagar, Nagar Road, Pune
Maharashtra – 411014.
Reliance Trends Ranchi HiStreet MallRanchiJDHI STREET MALL, M G Road, RANCHI, 834001( Landmark:
Reliance Trends Indore TreasurIslandIndoreSF24 & T17,Treasure Island Mall , MG Road , South Tukoganj,
INDORE, 452001.
Reliance Trends Vijaywda BenzCircleVijayawadaD.No:40-1-115,KBR Heights, MG Road, Vijayawada, 520010(
Landmark: Nr Varun Bajaj Showroom).
Reliance Trends Vizag CMR CentralVisakhapatnam35,36&38 GF,CMR CENTRAL, NEW RESAPUVAN IPALEM Road,
Reliance Trends Gurgaon Ambience MalGurgaonGF-39,AMBIENCE MALL, JAIPUR HIGHWAY Road, NH-8, NEAR
Reliance Trends Mumbai MktCity KurlaMumbaiUG-44 , Phoenix Market City Mall,  LBS Road, MUMBAI,
Reliance Trends Bangalore Mantri MalBangaloreMantri Mall, Sampige Road, Bangalore, 560003.
Reliance Trends Chennai ChrompetChennaiNO.412/7,VENN PONN BUILDING., GST ROAD., CHENNAI,
600044( Landmark: OPP TO BHUHARI HOTEL).
Reliance Trends Mumbai XperiaDmbvaliMumbaiXperia mall, Shilphata Road, Palava City, MUMBAI, 421201.
Reliance Trends Arrah Dindayal CmplxArrahDindayal Complex, Karman Tola, Nawada thana ,in front of Bhagat Singh Statue, Arrah ,Distt.: Bhojpur – 802301
Reliance Trends Satara Radhika RoadSataraSno.283/1A  Plot No -29,Satara City Business Center, Radhika Road, SATARA, 415002( Landmark: Opp Kadam Petrol Pump).
Reliance Trends Baleshwar MotiganjBaleshwarBALASORE TALKIES COMPLEX, CINEMA BAZAR ROAD, Cinema
Square, BALASORE, 756003( Landmark: GOVT.HOSPITAL
Reliance Trends Angul Gandhi MargAngulPlot no-24/1591 ,Gandhi Marg, Gandhi Marg, NA, Angul, 759122( Landmark: Adjacent Samsung Service Centre).
Reliance Trends Varanasi VinayakPlzaVaranasi30/37 A1,VINAYAK PLAZA, LAHURABEER ROAD, MALDAHIYA, VARANASI, 221001( Landmark: KASHI VIDYAPITH).
Reliance Trends Kolkata Park StreetKolkata31, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata-70016
Reliance Trends Ghaziabad IndirapurmGhaziabadShop no.333-335,Habitat Centre Mall , Ahinsa Khand-1,
indirapuram, GHAZIABAD, 201014.
Reliance Trends Darbhnga GM RoadDarbhangaBunglow No. 5,GM Road Income Tax Chouraha, Darbhanga,
846004( Landmark: Opp-Aditya Vision).
Reliance Trends Adoni NGO ColonyAdoniSurvey No:260/A,NGO’S Colony ,A.A.Sc college Road,Adoni
(M),Kurnool (Dist),A.P.
Reliance Trends Ranchi TIMS Maru TwrRanchiPlot No 677,Maru Tower , Kanke Road, Ranchi, 834008(
Landmark: Hanuman Mandir)
Reliance Trends Udaipur TIMS LakCityUdaipurShop no – 1 ,2,LAKE CITY MALL, UNIVERSITY ROAD, UDAIPUR,
313001( Landmark: Near AANAND PLAZA)
Reliance Trends Tirupati TIMS AbhiTwTirupati19-9-3/E/5,Abhitowers, Thiruchanoor Road, Renigunta Road, Tirupati, 517501( Landmark: Nera By Hotel Minerwa Grand)
Reliance Trends Hyderabad TIMSTolichHyderabadNO – 8-1-346/1,LIBERTY PLAZA, SABZA COLONY, TOLICHOWKI,
Hyderabad, 500008( Landmark: NEAR GALAXY THEATER)
Reliance Trends Nellore TIMS DargamtNellore516,Srisailam towers, Police office Raod, KVR petrol bunk,
Nellore, 524003
Reliance Trends Rajamundr TIMSRajahmundryTown Survey Nos.85 & 95,Ward No, Ward No.3 , Block 3,
Pushker Ghat Road, Rajahmundry, 533101( Landmark: Sree kanya hotal)
Reliance Trends Chittor TIMSChittoorSurvery No:682,Nagamani Towers, Greamspet, Vellore to
Chittoor Road, Chittor, 517001( Landmark: Near Subramanyam Swamy Temple)
Reliance Trends Trichy TIMS MangalamTiruchirappalliNo : 6,MANGALAM TOWERS, Renolds road, Contonment,
Reliance Trends Ahmedabd TIMS ISKONAhmedabadIscon Mega Mall, S G Highway Road, AHMEDABAD, 380015(
Landmark: Near Iscon Temple)
Reliance Trends JamngarTIMS MotikvdiJamnagarReliance Mega Mall,  Reliance Main Gate, Reliance Green
Township, JAMNAGAR, 361140
Reliance Trends Pune TIMS AlmontePuneSurvey No:8 ,Almonte, Kharadi Road, PUNE, 411014(
Landmark: Near Raddison Hotel)
Reliance Trends Pune TIMS TainSquarePuneTain Square Building, Pune Solapur Road, PUNE, 411040(
Landmark: Opp HDFC Bank)
Reliance Trends Chennai VelacheryChennaiVelachery Reliance Retail limited, ASV mall , New door No
:391, Thambaram, Velachery Main road, Velachery chennai- 600042.
Reliance Trends Wayanad Mint MallKozhikodeMint Mall, Chungam Junction, Sulthan Bathery, Sulthan
Bathery, 673592( Landmark: Wayanad).
Reliance Trends Vellore Gandhi NagarVelloreReliance Trends, Srisai Arcade, katpadi main Road,
gandhinagar, Vellore – 632006
Reliance Trends Delhi RIL MalVkspuriDelhiPlot No. 1, GF- Block-A,Vikaspuri Crossing, Vikaspuri Crossing,
City Center, DELHI, 110018( Landmark: Near Bharat Petrol Pump).
Reliance Trends Delhi RIL Mal DwarkaDelhiReliance Trends, Ground Floor, Plot No.-1, RIL Mall, Dwarka
Sec.-13 New Delhi, 110075
Reliance Trends Bharatpur RIL MallBharatpurRIL Property,Reliance Mega Mall, Near Bijlighar Chowraha,
BHARATPUR, 321001.
Reliance Trends Vizag Surya BaghVisakhapatnamDaspalla Chitralaya Cine Mall, Alluri Sita Rama Raju Road,
Vishakapatnam, 530020( Landmark: Beside Alfa Biryani Center).
Reliance Trends Kolkata Salkia HowraKolkataReliance Trends, Aurobido Mall ,Aurobindo Mall ,Harganj
Bazar Salkia -711106
Reliance Trends Mohali North CountryMohaliF-53-58,F-21,23-27,1st Floor,North Country Mall, NH 21,
Kharar-Mohali Road., Mohali, 140307.
Reliance Trends Ahmedabd C G RoadAhmedabadTurquoise Building, C.G road, Panchavati , AHMEDABAD,
380006( Landmark: Opp Radisson hotel)
Reliance Trends Hazaribag IndralokHazaribagPLOT NO – 1168,,INDRALOK TOWER, MAIN ROAD, WARD NO-
17, HAZARIBAGH, 835301( Landmark: NEAR – GWAL TOLI
Reliance Trends Kochi TW Nucleus MalKochiABAD NUCLEUS MALL , NH 49, Mangayil Temple Ln, KOCHI,
Reliance Trends Asansol Sardhar BldgAsansolReliance Trends Ltd, GT Road, Sardhar Building, Opp Eastern Railway Girls High School, Godhuli, Asansol -713301
Reliance Trends Tiruvnmal VengikalTiruvannamalai1554/257 A polur main road, Thendral
Reliance Trends Hyderabad UpparpallyHyderabadMANTRA MALL, PILLAR NO : 184 , Upparpally Village,
HYDERABAD, 500048.
Reliance Trends Hyderabad TW InorbitHyderabadINORBIT MAL, APLLC SOFTWARE LAYOUT, HITECH
Reliance Trends Baramati SikachiBaramatiPlot no 05,Sikachi Icon, Bhagwan road, City Inn Chowk ,
BARAMATI, 413102.
Reliance Trends Bareilly Civil LinesBareillyPlot No-108, Makaranpur Sarkar 54 civil Lines, Chaupala Road
Reliance Trends Chennai TW MylaporeChennaiNo 229,Ramakrishna Mutt Road, Chennai, 600004(
Landmark: Next to Kumaran silks).
Reliance Trends Kozhikode Hilite MalKozhikodeHillite Mall, NH THONDAYAD BY – PASS, Calicut, 673014.
Reliance Trends KollamSk Mall KollamKarunagapallySK Mall,Pada South near IOC petrol pump , Karungapally
Reliance Trends Kochi Pulinchodu JnKochiTamarind Rajadhani, NH-47 Aluva, Kochi, 683101( Landmark:
Pulinchodu Junction).
Reliance Trends Lucknow One AwadhLucknowRRL Trends,2nd floor, One Awadh center mall, Vibhuti khand,
Gomti Nagar,Lucknow – 226010 (U.P)
Reliance Trends Purnia Ayushi CompPurniaAyushi complex,Kali Bari Chowk,Bhatta Bazar,Purnea,854301
695011( Landmark: MEDICAL COLLEGE).
Reliance Trends Trivandrm TW SrekrymTrivandrumPATTATHIL ARCADE, NH 47 , PATTATHIL ARCADE,
Reliance Trends Malapuram UC PlazaMalappuramUC PLAZA, OOTY ROAD,  Perinthalmanna, 679322( Landmark:
Reliance Trends Chennai Vivira MallChennai1st & 2nd Floor, NO:33, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Navalur,
Chennai – 603103
Reliance Trends Chennai TW AdyarChennaiNO.105,1st MAIN ROAD, GANDHI NAGAR, CHENNAI, 600020(
Reliance Trends Malapuram Down HillKochiParkway Building, Calicut Main Road, Downhill ,
Malappuram, 676505.
Reliance Trends Kochi Centre SquareKochiCenter Square Mall, MG Road, Ernakulam, 682035.
Reliance Trends Kanhangad ChandragirKanhangadAPW-13,858-861,MALABAR GOLD  BUILDING, CHANDRAGIRI
Reliance Trends Bhiwandi KonarkArcadBhiwandiKonark Arcade, Agra Road, ST Bus  Depot, Bhiwandi, 421308(
Landmark: Dominos  Pizza corner).
Reliance Trends Mumbai L&T Seawod GrNavi MumbaiSeawoods Grand Central Mall, Sector – 40, NAVI MUMBAI,
400706( Landmark: Nerul Mode).
Reliance Trends Noida Ansal PlazaNoidaG-47-57,,Ansal Plaza Mall, Institutional Area Ph – 1, Gautam Budh Nagar, NOIDA, 201308( Landmark: Near Pari Chowk).
Reliance Trends Kashipur RamnagarKashipurKhasra no 98,N/A, Ramnagar Road, Kashipur, 244713(
Landmark: ADJ to Corporation Bank).
Reliance Trends Coimbator TW RSPuramCoimbatoreNO.39/3 ,TV SAMY ROAD ,  RS PURAM, COIMBATORE,
641002( Landmark: RS PURAM POST OFFICE).
Reliance Trends Bangalore HSR LayoutBangalore917/246.,RAMAMURTY BUILDING., 6th Sector, 17th Cross,
Bangalore., 560102( Landmark: Opp.Canara Bank).
Reliance Trends Mumbai SangamAndheriMumbaiSangam Complex, Andheri Kurla road, Opp of MSC, MUMBAI, 400059( Landmark: Next to Divine High school).
Reliance Trends Bangalore Soul SpaceBangaloreSOUL SPACE ARENA, MARATH HALLI BRIDGE ROAD,
MAHADEVPURA, Bangalore, 560037( Landmark: Opp. BAGAMANE TECH PARK).
Reliance Trends Bangalore InorbitMalBangaloreInorbit Mall, EPIP Industrial Area,,  Hoodi Village, Bangalore,
560066( Landmark: Satya Sai Hospital).
Reliance Trends Tenali Ratna ArcadeTenaliD.No – 2- 1 -79,NGR Ratna Arcade,  Muniswami Naidu street, Gandhi Nagar Tenali, 522201( Landmark: opp: rathu bazar).
Reliance Trends Bangalore Kankpur RdBangaloreKhata no 12/1 & 6/5 Raghuvanahalli Kan Next To Yellamma
Dasappa institute of technology , bangalore,
Reliance Trends Shimoga City CentreShimogaBeary’s City Centre, Ameer Ahmed circle, Shimoga, 577201.
Reliance Trends Tezpur ImperialTejpurimperial Parijat, Gs road, Sadar Thana , Tezpur, 784001.
Reliance Trends Gurgaon SpazedgeGurgaonReliance Trends 7,8,9 ,10A ,10B ,11A 12,5 B ,6A &7A Tower A
Spazedge Gurgaon 122002
Reliance Trends Calicut TW Surabhi MCalicutDoor No.665-A-37,38,39,40,Surabhi Mall, 1st Floor, Surabhi
Mall, Near Ramanattukara Bus Stop, Calicut, 673633( Landmark: Bus Stop).
Reliance Trends Begusarai Kali ChowkBegusaraiKali Asthan Chowk, Jagdishpur Block, Begusarai, 851101(
Landmark: Beside Panjab National Bank).
Reliance Trends Trivandrm TWVazhuthdTrivandrumNGP TOWER, OPP. WOMEN COLLEGE, VAZHUTHACAUD ,
Reliance Trends Chandrapur Azad GrdnChandrapurPlot No-3058 ,Congress Bhavan, Near Azad Garden,
Bhanapeth Chandrapur, Chandrapur, 442401.
Reliance Trends Trichy TW ThillaiNgrTrichy15,PLA Kanagu Tower, 11th Cross, Thillainagar Main Road,
Trichy, 620018( Landmark: Near by airtel office).
Reliance Trends Thanjavur R R NagarThanjavurSY # 104/2,Idaya Tower, Vairam Nagar, RR Nagar, Thanjavur, 613005( Landmark: Pudukottai Main Road).
Reliance Trends Siliguri Vega MallSiliguri2nd floor,Vega circle, Vega circle mall siliguri, 3rd mile sevok road, Siliguri, 734008( Landmark: Near check post).
Reliance Trends Amritsar Lawrence RdAmritsarBulding no 8 lawrence road  Amritsar 143001
Reliance Trends Coimbator ProzoneMalCoimbatoreG-012,,200,201,205,&206,Prozone mall ,
Sivanadhapuram, 1st street, Coimbatore , 641035( Landmark: Syndicate bank & Gowtham Residence).
Reliance Trends Madurai TW Anna NgrMadurai349,LIG colony, 1th cross, Madurai, 625012( Landmark:
Suguna store).
Reliance Trends Vellore SR ArcadeVelloreReliance Trends,  # 30 S.R arcade, Next to hote khanna,
Officers line Road, Vellore – 632001
Reliance Trends Meerut Garh RoadMeerutKhasra No.4711 Gali no.5 Garh Road Punchsheel Colony
Meerut Uttar Pradesh-250001
Reliance Trends Bhilwara RIL MallBhilwaraUG Floor,RIL Mall Bhilwara, Hamirgarh Road, Plot Num B1,
Bhilwara, 250001( Landmark: Bhilwara ).
Reliance Trends Jajpur BCM City MallJajpur451, 452/820, 450/1648, 453,Main Road, Main Road, Jajpur
Road, Padmapur-Unit 3, Jajpur, 755019( Landmark: Anjali Restaurant).
Reliance Trends Changnsry D SquareChanganasseryRELIANCE TRENDS,D-SQUARE,CENTRAL JN,NEAR HOTEL
Reliance Trends Surat RIL UdhanaSurat345 & 346,Reliance Mega Mall, Udhana Darwaja, Near Apple Hospital, Surat, 395002( Landmark: Ops,Rajkumar Theater).
Reliance Trends Bangalore Orion EastBangaloreReliance trends Orion East Mall, Unit no.212, 2nd
Floor,Banaswadi Main Road,Bangalore – 560033
Reliance Trends Mumbai Matunga WMumbai268,NEW ERA MILLS , MOGHUL LANE, NEAR ANAND SAGAR HOSPITAL, Mumbai, 400016( Landmark: NEAR FBB).
Reliance Trends Bangalore GT MallBangaloreG-04,GT World Mall, 92 Magadi Main Road, Next to Prasanna Theatre, Bangalore, 560023( Landmark: Prasanna Theatre).
Reliance Trends Kochi TW MG RoadKochiCyrills Building, Near Parthas, M.G Road, Kochi, 682011(
Landmark: Opp Alappat Jewellary).
Reliance Trends Kollam PolayathoduChanganasseryTrends, Reliance retail Ltd Paul & Sons building, Door No
.10/1365 Polayathodu Junction  NH 47 road Pattathanam PO Kollam : 69 1021
Reliance Trends Ranchi Nucleus MallRanchiNucleus Mall Lalpur,Nucleus Mall ,Circular Road ,Ranchi,
834001( Landmark: Hariom Tower).
Reliance Trends Dimapur Agarwal TwrDimapuragarwal tower,opposite NSCB Building Circular
road,Dimapur,797112( Landmark: ).
Reliance Trends Amlapurm Main RoadAmalapuramD. No. 7-1-23,Ward 24,High School
Road,Amalapuram,533201( Landmark: ).
Reliance Trends Muzafarpur DRB MallMuzaffarpurDRB Mall, Moti Jheel , Muzaffarpur, 842001( Landmark: Moti
Jheel Flyover).
Reliance Trends Siddipet PrashantNgrSiddipetReliance Trends, H.No.18-18-54, Prashanth Nagar, Beside
New Bus Stand, Siddipet, Telangana – 502103
Reliance Trends Kochi KadavanthraKochi54/4027-a, 54/4027 b, 54/4027c, 54/4027 DArakkaparmbil
tower,SA Road,Elamgulam,Kochi, 682020( Landmark: Radison Blu Hotel).
Reliance Trends Hubli TIMS UrbnOasisHubliReliance Retail Limited Reliance Trends Urban Oasis Mall Lower Ground Floor Gokul Road Airport Road Hubli – 580030
Reliance Trends Kamareddy MilleniumKamareddyReliance Trends, H.NO.5-3-217/5, Vidyanagar Colony, Old
National Highway,  Kamareddy – 503111
Reliance Trends Shimla SecretaritRdShimlaReliance Trends 3rd floor Commercial complex,Near
Secretariat,Chotta Shimla,171002
Reliance Trends Bangalore RR NagarBangalore# 638, Rajeshwari Altius, 18th Main Road, Ideal Homes CHS
80ft Main Road, 24th Cross, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore- 560098
Reliance Trends Trivandrm MozhiyathuAdoorMozhiyathu Plaza, Central Junction, KP Road, Adoor,
Pathanamthitta Dist, Kerala – 691523
Reliance Trends Dindigul Venus CmplxDindigulNo. 525,Venus,Palani Road,New Agaraharam,Dindigul,624001( Landmark: JCB Hospital).
Reliance Trends Nawasahar KamalCmplxNawanshahrKamal Complex,Rahon Road,Opp. Blood
Bank,Nawanshahr,144514( Landmark: ).
Reliance Trends Chennai TW Forum MalChennai216 & 217,Forum Vijaya Mall,2nd Floor,Green Park Private Entrance,CHENNAI,600026( Landmark: Vijaya Hospital).
Reliance Trends Pune Sinhagad RdPuneReliance retail limited, shop no. 6 to 8, sarthi shimmer n
shine, hingne khurd, sinhgad road, pune, maharashatra- 411051
Reliance Trends Jammu Jayadev CmplexJammuMJC 170JAIDEV COMPLEXMain RoadJanki
ViharJammu180007( Landmark: Near High Court).
Reliance Trends Jaunpur Prabha CmplxJaunpur41/2,Prabha complex,municipal NO.379 Husainabad,NH-56
wazibpur Crossing ,jaunpur,222002( Landmark: Opposite City tower).
Reliance Trends Chennai GowriwakkamChennai253,Charles Towers,Velachery main road ,Palaniyappa Nagar,CHENNAI,600073( Landmark: Near SIVET collage).
Reliance Trends Chennai West TambarmChennai5,ARUNA JANAKI MAHAL,RAJAJI ROAD,CHENNAI,600045(
Landmark: PF OFFICE).
Reliance Trends Mysore TIMS KRSTCMysore1st floor,KSRTC  MOFUSSIL BUS STAND ,Nilagir road,11th
cross,Mysore, 570001Above KSRTC.
Reliance Trends Hospet College RdHospetMuncipal No-92,Old No-281,Ward No-11 Collage RoadNext
Library Hospet-583201
Reliance Trends Chennai Expres AveChennaiA-201-SF No:2Express Avenue MallClub House
RoadRoyapettahChennai,600002( Landmark: 0).
Reliance Trends Pune City One MallPuneGr & First Floor, mumabi Highway, pimpri, cityone Mall,
pune, Maharastra-0411019
Reliance Trends Chennai TW AmbatturAmbattur87,REDHILLS ROAD,VINAYAPURAM,CHENNAI,600053(
Landmark: NAIDU HALL).
Reliance Trends Puduchery ProvidencePondicherryno.7Providence mallGround floor,Vengata subbia reddiyar salaiCuddalore main roadPondicherry,605001( Landmark: Near SAI Kiruba Hospital).
Reliance Trends Bangalore Elctrn CtyBangalorereliance trends,Ajmera Annex, neeladri road ,front of village
hyper market pin-560100
Reliance Trends Bangalore R T NagarBangaloreRELIANCE TRENDS STORE.MUNCIPLE NO.177A,BBMP PID NO
98-170-177A.RT NAGAR BANGALORE-560032
Reliance Trends Sirsa DubwaliSirsaSRS/B17/133/1Reliance trends ltd.DUBWALI ROADSANGWAN CHOWKSirsa,125055( Landmark: OPP BPCL PETRO PUMP).
Reliance Trends Jodhpur City CenterJodhpurCity Centre MallStation RoadOpp. Olympic
Cinema,Jodhpur,342001( Landmark: Near Sanghi Petrol Pump).
Reliance Trends Malapuram Amana TwrValancherryReliance Retail Limited Amana TowerCalicut
Road0Valancherry,676552( Landmark: Near SBT Bank).
Reliance Trends Varanasi PandeypurVaranasiSA-6/174, PLOT NO -754MAUZA -AKHTA
WARDPANDEYPURSARNATHPandeypur,221002( Landmark:
Reliance Trends Hyderabad HabsigudaHyderabadPlot no .5 Block JReliance trendsCo operative housing Society
. Main Road Habsiguda.0Hyderabad, 500007( Landmark: Habsiguda Signal).
Reliance Trends Lakhimpur BahadurNgrLakhimpurplot no. 1426,Gf &ff, Jandi Hata, Moh- Bahadur Nagar,
Shamsher Nagar, Lakhimpur -262701
Reliance Trends Kodngalur MalabarTWRKodungallurGround Floor Malabar TowersOpp Mughul MallNorth NadaKodungallur,680664( Landmark: Near malabar Gold).
Reliance Trends Kollam KottarakkaraKollamKta faith tower, pulamon junction, mc road
Reliance Trends Bhadrak Roul ComplexBhadrak2190/2460/297, Mouza-Mathasahi, Dist-BhadrakRoul
ComplexMathasahiBypass SquareBhadrak,756100(
Landmark: Opposite to Visahl Megamart).
Reliance Trends Coimbator ThudiyalurCoimbatore175/1GUHAN TOWERSMTP ROAD 0Coimbatore,641 034(
Landmark: Near by bus stand ).
Reliance Trends Chennai MogappairChennaiNo.2/5,mogappair west main RoadJJ Nagar
westChennai,600037( Landmark: next to bharat petrol pump).
Reliance Trends Nagercoil KP RoadNagercoilOld No:409, New No:628NilK.P.
RoadRamavarmapuramNagercoil,629001( Landmark: Gopalapillai Hospital Opp).
Reliance Trends Vijaywda BhavanipurmVijayawadaR.S 36/1 VLT 30884S.R BULDINGCHURCH ROADSWATHI LINEVijayawada,520012( Landmark: STATE BANK OF INDIA).
Reliance Trends Kottayam ElamthurtilKottayamThe paltinum, KK road , Kanjikuzhy po, Kottayam DT kerala –
Reliance Trends Bangalore ComercilStBangalorePrestige INR no-167,commercial Street,bangalore 560001
Reliance Trends Bhiwadi Capital MallBhiwadiGF26-37,UG34-38CAPITAL MALLUIT POLICEE STATIONRIICO
Reliance Trends Thrissur AkkaraIrininjalakuda15/221AKKARA ARCADENEAR POST
OFFICENADAIrininjalakuda,680121( Landmark: 0).
Reliance Trends Mysore NazarabadMysoreForum Centre City Mall,Unit No.19 First
Floor,Nazarbad,570019, Mysore.
Reliance Trends Tirupur Avinashi RdTirupurSF No.83, TS No.35-Plot No.4, Avinashi roadNear petrol bunkTirupur,641602( Landmark: Indian Oil Petrol bunk)
Reliance Trends Trichy VOC RoadTrichyNo-4-A-3,V O C  Road,Old Ward 1,Old Block
Reliance Trends Mohali RIL BestechMohaliBestech Square Mall,Plot No.1 Industrial Focal Point,S A S
Nagar Phase IX Mohali,160063, Mohali.
Reliance Trends Mumbai Rel Corp ParkMumbaiBuilding 7,  Next to Reliance Digital,Thane, Belap ur Road,
Ghansoli,400701, NAVI MUMBAI.
Reliance Trends Ranchi Harmu RoadRanchiCity Mall,OPP  Petrol Pump,Harmu Bypass Road, PO
Sukhdeonagar,834002, Ranchi.
Reliance Trends Tumkur Sira GateTumkurReliance Trends, Mahaveer Golden Arch, Site no.9, Ward no. 9, Near Honda showroom, Siragate Tumkur 572102
Reliance Trends Delhi Kamla NagarDelhi#37, Bunglow Road,Kamla Nagar,Civil Line,110007,Delhi.
Reliance Trends Indore Tl 2 MallIndoreTreasure Island,LG-12 to LG-21,Race Course
Road,Indore,452001, Indore.
Reliance Trends Bangalore UttarahaliBangalore#26/36, Nest to Royal Mart, Uttarahalli Main road,
Subramanyapura, Uttarahalli
Reliance Trends Agra Sikandra RdAgraPlot no-7, Sector-13, Near Kargil Patrol Pump, Besides Cross
road mall, Sikandara Bodla Agra
Reliance Trends Kolkata RajarhatKolkataGreen Chinar,Near City Centre I,Major arterial Road
(MAR),Noapara P.O, Rajarhat,700157,Kolkata.
Reliance Trends Trivandrm AttingalAttingalRELIANCE TRENDS LTD, T825 MOONUMUKKU JN, OPP SUN
Reliance Trends Pathanamt KunithotatPathanamthittaKunnithottathil Plaza, Muncipal Door No Vll/401, T K Road
Pathanamthitta PO -689645, Pathanamthitta
Reliance Trends Varanasi TulsipurVaranasiDidwania Square, Babylon Heights,D-63 /
Reliance Trends Krishnangr BowbazarKrishna Nagar55 D.L Roy Road,Ward No.18,P.O & P.S Krishna Nagar
Reliance Trends Kolkata RIL MadhmgrmMadhyamgramPlot No.553,Jessore Road,Madhyamgram, Tehsil Barasat,
Dist. 24,700129, Kolkata.
Reliance Trends Kolkata BarrackporeKolkataReliance Trends T542, 18/16 Ghosh Para Road, North 24
Parganas, Post Barrackpore, Kolkata – 700120 (Sashi Mishra SM 77669 07812)
Reliance Trends Farukhabd ITI TowersFarrukhabadRELIANCE TRENDS ITI CHAURAHA,THANDI SADAK
Reliance Trends Purulia RaghavpurPuruliaReliance Trends T630, Raghavpur More, Deshbandhu Road,
Purulia 723101 (Pabitra Roy SM – 8170980218)
Reliance Trends Gwalior DB City MallGwaliorDB City Mall,Opp Railway Station,Race Course
Reliance Trends Gorakhpur MohaddipurGorakhpurGreen Orchid,First Floor and
Reliance Trends Hyderabad L&T PanjgtHyderabadL & T Mall Panjagutta,Sy No 1/1, Ward No.89, Block
E,Khairatabad Village,500082, Hyderabad.
Reliance Trends Hyderabad L&T HitecHyderabadUNIT NO: L2-08,SY NO : 64,PART MADHAPUR
Reliance Trends Bangalore EastwoodBangalorereliance retail limited reliance trends Eastwood TWp,Near SJR varity,Kasavanahalli main road Banglore-560035
Reliance Trends Jalandhar PudaJalandharChoti Baradari, Phase-II, Opp. PIMS Hospital, Garha Road.
Punjab – 144001
Reliance Trends Coimbator TW NSR RdCoimbatoreNo 272 A,NSR Road,Velandipalayam
Reliance Trends Bangalore TW JayangrBangalore25 S V Arcade,South End Main Road,9th Block
Reliance Trends Delhi Ambience VkunjDelhiShop No. G-01& 02 GF, Ambience Mall,Plot No.2,Nelson Mandela Marg,Vasant Kunj,110070,DELHI.
Reliance Trends Hassan R ArcadeHassanPID No 3-2-1-93,B M
Reliance Trends Hissar Urban EstateHisarSco 95-96,Commercial Urban Estate –Ii,Hisar-125005.
Reliance Trends Udupi City CentreUdupiCity Centre Mall,Opp. Jamia Masjid,G B Panth Road,Udupi-
Reliance Trends Baramati ShubhadraBaramatiShubhadra Mall  Plot – P-60,Bhigwa Road,Baramati,Midc
Reliance Trends Jammu KC MallJammuK C City Center,Gulab Singh Marg Road,Near Exhibition
Reliance Trends Guntur Naaz CentreGunturH – 12-29-21 & 49,Old Ward – 5, Block – 6,Syamala Das
Agraharam Lalapet, Guntur – 522007.
Reliance Trends Bangalore TWKempFortBangaloreGf-14 & 15, Kempfort Mall,97 Old Airport Road
Murugeshpaly, Bangalore – 560017
Reliance Trends Bangalore TW KengeriBangalore123 Ground Floor,1St Main Kengeri, Satellite Town,Bangalore
– 560060.
Reliance Trends Nizamabad RIL MallNizamabadRIL Mall, S.No.254/259, 2nd Floor, Shiva Ward 1 , Block 1,
Vinayaka Nagar Nizamabad – 503001
Reliance Trends Madhubani Main MktMadhubaniKhata-326 Plot-2750,Near Bazar India, Opp Hotel Cloud
9,Madhubani – 847211.
Reliance Trends Vijaywda TW PVP MallVijayawadaPvp Square  39-1-57,M G Road,Opp Kalanjal Labbipet,
Vijayawada – 520010
Reliance Trends Silchar Imperial TwrSilcharreliance retail limited,imperial mall,ground floor tarapur,po-
Reliance Trends Chennai TW NelangraiChennaiNo.145 East Cross Road,Neelangarai Village,Tamabaram
Taluk,Chennai, Chennai – 600041
Reliance Trends Rishikesh Railway RdRishikeshMunicipal No 84/3,Railway Road,Rishikesh – 249201
Reliance Trends Vijaywda TM PVP MallVijayawadaPVP Square  39-1-57, M G Road, Opp Kalanjali Labbipet,
Vijayawada – 520010
Reliance Trends Durgapur TW Jnct MalDurgapurJunction Mall – Unit – 103A 103B 104, City Centre Mouza
Faridpur, Durgapur  – 713216
Reliance Trends Edappally United MalEdapalUnited Mall, Thrissur Road, Edappali  PO, Malapuram –
Reliance Trends Chennai VR MallChennaiV R Mall,  Anchor-F9, Koyambedu, Egmore Nungambakkam
Taluk,Chennai – 600040.
Reliance Trends Bangalore TW Modi RdBangaloreNo.871 2nd Stage, West Chord Road, Modi Hospital Road,
Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore – 560086
Reliance Trends Udaipur RIL MallUdaipurReliance Retail Limited Reliance SMART Paras Prime Mall,
Paras Circle, Hiran Magri Sector 11, Ahmedabad Road,
Udaipur Rajasthan 303002
Reliance Trends Chennai PerambalurPerambalurReliance Retail Limited,Near New bus stand, Ariyalur
road,Perambalur district-621212
Reliance Trends Mysore TW MallofMysrMysoreTrends Women FF-13,FIRST FLOOR MALL OF MYSORE,
Reliance Trends Haldia BhawanipurHaldiaReliance Trends Ltd. City Centre Mall, Rabindra Nazrul Road,
P.O. Debhog Ward No.13, P.S. Bhawanipur, HALDIA – W.B  – 721657
Reliance Trends Bhubneswr ForumEsplnBhubaneshwarReliance Retail Ltd. Esplanade, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar, shop
no : 24a,25,26, Industrial Area Estate, Rasulgarh-751007, Bhuabneswar
Reliance Trends Mysore TM HabitatMalMysoreRELIANCE TRENDS MAN,  GROUND FLOOR G-10, 22/B,
Reliance Trends Trivandrm MalofTrvndTrivandrumReliance Trends ,Mall of Travancore (Ground Floor – 34)
,Chakai – Enchakkal Bypass Road Chaka, Trivandrum, Kerala 695024
Reliance Trends Wardha Shivaji ChowkWardhaReliance Trends Ltd. Varco Pinnacle ,Shop UG7-10 Shivaji Chowk,Arvi Road,Wardha Maharashtra-442001
Reliance Trends Almora AkashwaniAlmoraReliance Retail Ltd.
Raghunath city mall ,Near akashwani,Almora road, Khatyari,Almora(Uttrakhand)-263601
Reliance Trends Gumidpndi GNT RoadGummidipoondiRRL Trends ,
No. 123 Kotakarai bus stand ,
Union office GNT road, Gummidipoondi, Pin – 601201.
Reliance Trends CoochBehar SN RoadCoochbeharTrends Coochbehar, Reliance Retail Limited, Anil Bhavan
Sibendra Narayan Road, PO – PS Coochbehar, Dist
–Coochbehar, 736101 Koch Bihar,
Reliance Trends Thrissur TW Selx MalThrissurRRL TRENDS WOMAN Thrissur, Reliance Retail Limited, Selex
Malll St. Thomas College Road, East Fort Junction, East Fort PO, 680005 Thrissur
Reliance Trends Guwahati Golden HghtGuwahatiTrends G S road Guwahati
Reliance Retail Limited
No.158 Christianbasti G S Road Next to Central Mall
781005 Guwahati
Reliance Trends Nalanda ChakajiyianBiharsharifCommercial Complex , Mohalla- Ramchandrapur , Ward No 22, New Mouza-Chakhajiyain, Dist – Nalanda, 803101
Reliance Trends Tanuku SajjapuramTanukuRRL Trends Tanuku, Reliance Retail Limited, Sampara Tagore
Towers, New Door No. 33-1-8, Sajjapuram Tanuku Municipality, 534211 Tanuku
Reliance Trends Tanuku TIMS Main RdTanukuRRL Trends Tanuku, Reliance Retail Limited, Reliance MART H
No 18-5-21 Main Road, Opp.Telephone Exchange, West Godavari Dist, 534211 TANUKU
Reliance Trends KollamTW KadappakadKollamRRL TRENDS WOMEN,TK62, MARYLAND CHAMBERS,NEAR
Reliance Trends Palghar NallasoparaMumbaiRRL Trends Tania Horizon Nallasopara, Reliance Retail
Limited, Tania Horizon Near Axis Bank, Station Road
Nallasopara, Dist Palghar, 401203 Palghar
Reliance Trends Bangalore RMZ GaleriBangaloreTrends RMZ Mall Bangalore, Reliance Retail Limited, RMZ Galleria New Khatha No. 181/898/755, Old Khatha No.
898/755 Old Sy. No 144, Old Khatha No. 898/755 Old Sy. No 144, Yelahanka Bangalore, 560064 Bangalore
Reliance Trends Baghpat Merrut RdBaghpatKHATONI NO 307,OLD MONIKA THEATRE MEERUT ROAD
Reliance Trends Nasik TIMS PinnacleNashikRRL Trends Pinnacle Mall Nasik
Reliance Retail Limited
Reliance Smart PINNACLE MALL Triambak Road
422002 Nasik
Reliance Trends Warangal TIMSWarangalSeenaiah.Neelam, Reliance Retail Ltd, Reliance Smart, Survey No:778/A,778/D, Muncipal No: 7-7-348&349, Old Alankar Theatre, Alankar Chowrasta, Warangal – 506001
Reliance Trends Nagercoil RIL PO RdNagercoilRRL Trends Nagarcoil
Reliance Retail Limited Old Survey nos. 12301231
New survey no. D-3-3 -  8/9/10 Post Office Road   Nagarcoil629001 Nagercoil
Reliance Trends Burhanpur Station RdBurhanpurRRL Trends Burhanpur
Reliance Retail Limited
Maa Tulsi Shopping Mall  Unit-11 Khasra 305-306 Stattion Roa Burhanpur
450331 Burhanpur
Reliance Trends Madnpale Ring RoadMadanapalleRRL Trends Madanpalle
Reliance Retail Limited
3-157-B1 Sy-389-2  Ward-3 B.K Pally Vill Golapalli Rin Road  Madanapalle Chittoor Dist517325 Madanapalle
Reliance Trends Varanasi PDR MallVaranasiRRL Trends PDR Mall Varanasi
Reliance Retail Limited PDR Mall  D-48/142
Misir Pokhra
Luxa Road Varanasi 221010 Varanasi
Reliance Trends Chalakere TSTChallakereRT Plaza,Opp Challakeramma temple, Bellary road ,
Reliance Trends Cuttack Darga BazarCuttackRRL TRENDS NSC BOSE SHOPING CENTER CUTTACK , BLOCK A –
Reliance Trends Coimbator TIMS NSRRdCoimbatoreReliance retail limited,Reliance smart no12/18/1-A-1B,NSR
Road, saibaba colony,Coimbatore
Reliance Trends Jalpaiguri KadamtalaJalpaiguriRRL Trends Jalpaiguri, Reliance Retail Limited, Krishna Vatika
Kadamtala Road, Ward No.6, PO  Dist Jalpaiguri, 735101 Jalpaiguri
Reliance Trends Nagpur DharampethNagpurRRL Trends Plot No 275 Shewalkar Arcade Laxmi
BhawanWHC Rd DharampethNagpur
Reliance Trends Jamkhandi TSTJamakhandiReliance Retail LTD Maharani shopping complex, Maharani
Colony, Kudchi main road, Oppsit ESSAR petrol pump Jamkhandi 587301
Reliance Trends Bahraich Civil LinesBahraich585/251,OPPOSITE STADIUM,HOSPITAL ROAD CIVIL
Reliance Trends Chennai RIL IypthnglChennaiReliance Mall, GJ Centre, # 274, Mount poonthamallee road,
Iyappanthangal, Chennai – 600056
Reliance Trends Noida Omaxe MallGreater NoidaRRL Trends  Omaxe Gr Noida
Reliance Retail Limited
Omaxe Connaught Place Shop-28A -31 Beta 2 Near CNG Filling Station Greater Noida
201306 Noida
Reliance Trends Meerut DevnagarMeerut42/1,old dev nagar ,38 begum bridge road meerut ,opp GIC
Reliance Trends Rampur Mandiyan BaghRampurRRL Trends Rampur UP
Reliance Retail Limited
Mandaiyan Nadar Bagh Opposite Mini DX st Tehsil Sadar Shaukat Ali Road
Rampur- 244901
244901 Rampur
Reliance Trends Ratlam Subhash MargRatlamRRL Trends Ratlam
Reliance Retail Limited
Plot No 685-1 Subhash Marg 1/1 Gayatri Cinema Campus Ratlam
457001 RATLAM
Reliance Trends Patna KankarbaghPatnaCompany RRL Trends Vijay aman Patna Reliance Retail
Limited Vijay Aman Complex Circle No 8A
Ward No 35 Kankarbagh Main Road Besides Vishal Mega Mart 800020 Patna.
Reliance Trends Kolkata MadhyamgramKolkata117 A VIVEKANANDA ROAD, MADHYAMGRAM BAZAR ,
Reliance Trends Bongaigan AOC RoadBongaigaonRRL Trends Arihant Towers Bongaigaon
Reliance Retail Limited Arihant Towers
AOC Road Bongaigaon Assam
783380 Bongaigaon
Reliance Trends Bijnor Civil LinesBijnoreNajibabaad Road , Ciivil Lines 2,Near unik Bazar, Bijnor
Reliance Trends Mirzapur Gems MallMirzapurRRL Trends Shivala Mahant Mirzapur Reliance Retail Limited
No.1037 Shivala Mahant Funcity Complex Mirzapur 231001 Mirzapur
Reliance Trends Luknow AliganjLucknowReliance Trends, UGF FF and SF CP-45&52 Sector E,Aliganj
Yojna Lucknow 226024
Reliance Trends Hyderabad Patny CntrHyderabadD.No.3-1-262 Sarojini Devi Road, Patny Center, Beside Chennai Shopping Mall, Secunderabad, Telangana – 500003
Reliance Trends Manipuri Station RdMainpuriRRL Trends Mainpuri,SHOP ON UGF AND FF,NEAR RAJ
Reliance Trends Muzafarngr VakilRoadMuzaffarnagar57 B RRL TRENDS NAI MANDI VAKIL ROAD
Reliance Trends Palladam TSTPalladam56 ABC WINGS, GT BUILDING, TRICHY MAIN ROAD,
Reliance Trends Sitamarhi Kot BazaarSitamarhiNear M Bazaar & Shankar cinema Sitamarhi Pincode-843302
Reliance Trends Tirverumbr KatturTrichyNo.60/4A/1  Thanjai Main Road, Balaji Naga Extension,
Kattur Thiruverumbur -620019
Reliance Trends Zaheerabad TSTZaheerabad2-1-1/2,Life style Complex,Main Road,Beside Mohan
theatr,subhash gunj,Zaheerabad,Sangareddy 502220
Reliance Trends Patna PolytechnicPatnaUNO Complex, Patliputra, Near Sai Mandir, Patna,
Reliance Trends Madurai KK nagarMaduraiNO 652,Anna salai,80 feet road,KKNAGAR,MADURAI 625020
Reliance Trends Bijapur TW PatilPlntBijapurPatil Planet near NCC Office Banjara Nagar, BM Patil
Road,Solapur Road, Bijapur Karnataka-586101
Reliance Trends Hyderabad CapitalMalHyderabadSARATH CITY CAPITAL MALL, GOCHIBOWLI – MIYAPUR ROAD
Reliance Trends Suryapet Kuda RoadSuryapetH.No:1-2-144 & 145 KUDA KUDA ROAD, NEAR SHANKAR
Reliance Trends Bargarh Canal RdBargarhPlot No.3230/13272,1624, Khata No.2414 Mouza :Bargarh,
P.S/Tehsil Bargarh, Dist :Bargarh
Reliance Trends Kolkata TW New TownKolkataAM 107, 1st Floor, Rajarhat, City Centre II, Kolkata – 700156
Reliance Trends Jablpur TW AvenueMalJabalpurTrends Women  – South Avenue Mall Reliance Retail L imited 482008 JABALPUR  First Floor, Sou th Avenue Mall,
Reliance Trends Ajmer City Sq MallAjmerReliance Retail Limited  City Square Mall Block A  Panchsheel
Nagar, Ajmer – 305004
Reliance Trends Kovilambaka RadialRdChennaiGF South Avenue Mall No.36/2, 200ft road radial road,
Kovilambakkam, Chennai – 600117
Reliance Trends Bijapur TM PatilPlntBijapurVillage Polypathar NB 164 (PH 24/2-29), Patil Planet near NCC
Office Banjara Nagar, BM Patil Road,Solapur Road, Bijapur Karnataka-586101
Reliance Trends RS Puram TMCoimbatoreNo.156-157,DB ROAD,RS PURAM, Narmada Road Jabalpur,
Reliance Trends Rajsamandi BhilwraRdRajsamandHOTEL SOMCO PALACE, Bhilwara Road, Kankroli, Rajsamand,
Rajasthan – 313324
Reliance Trends Gurgaon AmeyaSaphireGurgaonReliance Trends, Ameya Sapphire -83, Unit G-63 & G-64, F- 153 & F-154, Sector – 83, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122004
Reliance Trends Patiala Bhupindra RdPatialaBuilding No 4 / 5,Bhupindra Nagar Road, Patiala ,147001
Reliance Trends Ahemedbad TW VenusAhmedabad3/103,venus amandeus,opp. Gold coin complex , jodhpur
cross road , satelight , Ahmedabad , 380015
Reliance Trends Latur TM SurajmahalLaturReliance Retail Limited No.1 Lahoti Complex Opp Shopper
Stop Surajmahal Road Near Alankar Talkies Golai Latur 413512 LATUR
Reliance Trends BangalreTW BansnakriBangaloreTrends Women,609, 80 FEET ROAD ATTIMABE ROAD
Reliance Trends Saharanpur NearISBTDeharadunUGF FF SF 1059 Subhash Nagar Saharanpur Road Near ISBT
Dehradun 248001
Reliance Trends Managalgiri TSTGunturD.No.1-436,Sy.No.115M R ComplexGautam Budda
RoadBeside HDFC BankMangalgiri – 522503
Reliance Trends Mughalsarai Mughal MMughalsaraiRRL Trends Mughalsari, Reliance Retail Ltd, IP MUGHAL Mall ,
Plot no-129/2, Harishankerpur GT ROAD, MUGHALSARI, UTTAR PRADESH-232101
Reliance Trends Bailahongal TSTBailhongalReliance Trends Small Town Tuljannavar Complex Aside Apolo Pharmarcy Belgaum main Road Bailhongal
Reliance Trends Akluj TSTAklujRelaince Trends, Laxmi Narayan Palza, Opp. Vijaysinh Mohite
Patil Krida Sankul, Laxminarayan Nagar, Akluj, Maharashtra :-
Reliance Trends Thuraiyur TSTThuraiyurRRL Trends Express,479&480,Madhurapuri,Trichy to
Thuraiyur main road,Thuraiyur – 621010
Reliance Trends Nuzvid TSTNuzvidTRENDS NUZVID R.S.No.463/2  Door No 8-41 5th Ward 8th
Block Main Road  Opp Andhra Bank
Reliance Trends Chiplun TSTChiplunReliance Trends. Om Patkar Plaza, Mauli Hall, Survey No.92
A1, Opp ICICI Bank, Old Karad Chiplun road, Kaviltali, Chiplun 415605.
Reliance Trends Model Town JalJalandharReliance Retail limited (TN58) Trends Women Model Town
Jalandhar, Property No-410-L, Next to Tanishq, Punjab 144003
Reliance Trends Arsh HeightsRanchiRRL Trends Arsh Heights Tower behind AG Complex, RS Plot
no. 933, Near  A.G Office Doranda, Ranchi – 834002Jharkhand
Reliance Trends Gadag Mulgund RoadGadagReliance Trends, Gaddi Complex, Beside SBI Bank, Mulgund
Naka, Lakshmeshwar Road, Gadag – 582103
Reliance Trends Karkala TSTKarkalaReliance Retail limited Shree Sudheendra Residency , main Road  opp Abharan Jewellers , Karkala Karnataka -574101
Reliance Trends Rajura TSTRajuraSK Central, hydrabad road, rajura Near Nagraj café Rajura –
Reliance Trends Thamarassery TSTThamarasseryRRL TST Thamarassery, Reliance Retail Limited, Kanjirathingal Towers, Opp. Post Office, Thamarassery, Kozhikode – 673573
Reliance Trends Uttarpara UnimarkKolkataReliance Trends, Unimark Square, 20-22B GT Road,
Bhadrakhali, Unimark Riviera, Uttarpara – 712232
Reliance Trends Bnglr ShantinikertanBangaloreFORUM SHANTNIKETAN MALL, Unit no .212 2nd floor, WHITE
Reliance Trends Arani TSTArani1889/2A, Sevoor, Next to HDFC bank, Arani Arcot road, Arani –
Reliance Trends Ibrahimpatnam TSTIbrahimpatnamRELIANCE RETAIL LIMITED PLOT NO 2 34 SYS NO 352 WARD
Reliance Trends Valliyur TSTValliyurRRLTrends Express Valliyur,Reliance Retail Limited, MTM
Plaza Madhevan Pillai Building,Kanyakumari Main Road,Valliyur
Reliance Trends Chikodi TSTChikodiTrends express, Basava circle, opposite to KLE hopsital
Chikkodi, 591201
Reliance Trends Korutla TSTKorutla1-4-223, govindgiri nagar near HERO showroom, korutla
jagityal korutla – 505326
Reliance Trends Manvi TSTManviReliance retail LTD, Trends express,P NO 13-3-26 &15-3-
284,Manvi Main road, Raichur dist ,
Reliance Trends Srikaklm Palkonda RdSrikakulam4-1-136,RS-171/2,TS-1006/2 B5, TRENDS, PALAKONDA ROAD,
Western Side Balaga Ward Next to CMR Mall, Day&Night junction Srikakulam – 532001
Reliance Trends Rayachoti TSTRayachotiReliance retail Limited, #40/15-B, Kurnool – chittoor high way,
S.N. colony, Kadapa Dist, Rayachoti-516269.
Reliance Trends Ludhiana Ferozpur RdLudhianaReliance Retail Limited
KIPS complex
Ferozpur Road Opp. PAU- gate -1 Ludhiana Punjab
Reliance Trends Kakinada SRMT MallKakinada243/1P,2P,3,235/3,4,5P,6P,7P, SRMT MALL,
Reliance Trends Jammu SRK ComplexJammuReliance Trends,SRK Complex, Bye Pass Road, Near Malik
Market, Channi Rama. Opp. Gurudwara, Narwal, Jammu J&K 180016
Reliance Trends Chenai Periyar NagarChennaiReliance Trends , Door  B – 30 karthikeyan salai ,periya nagar
, peravallur , chennai-600082
Reliance Trends Bangalore Forum MallBangaloreTrends Forum Nhd Mall,Reliance Retail Limited,The Forum Neighbourhood Mall,No.62 Whitefield Road  Unit No. 221 2ND,Prestige Ozone  Whitefield,560066 BANGALORE
Reliance Trends Mumbai TW R MallMumbaiReliance Trends Women ( Unit no F – 02 ) 1 st Floor, R – Mall
Mulund , Mulund ( W ) , Mumbai – 400080
Reliance Trends Zirakpur Park PlazaZirakpurRRL Trends Zirakpur,Reliance Retail Limited,140603-Mohali
Reliance Trends Chirala TSTChiralaRRL TRENDS EXPRESS CHIRALA ,
Reliance Trends Kadur TSTKadurReliance trends, Opp APMC yard,NH-206,Kadur-577548
Reliance Trends Anand Maruti SolarisAnandReliance Trends,shop no-34B GF maruti solaris mall,nr.madhuban resort,Anand Sojitra Road Anand-388001
Reliance Trends Keonjhar Mining RoadKeonjharReliance Trends-T532, Adjucent To Indian Oil Petrol pump, Lavanya Square, Mining Road, Keonjhar. Odisha-758001
Reliance Trends Shadnagar TSTShadnagarTRENDS EXPRESS 18-397/3/6,PARADISE COLONY
Reliance Trends Faizabad Civil LinesFaizabadRRL Trends Faizabad Plot No-4106/4110 Civil Line Faizabad-
Reliance Trends Kangra Mahesraj TwrKangraReliance Trends  Mahesh raj tower-2 Opp. Kangra B us s tand Mohal Rihalpura Mauza Ujjain Near Majdoor kutia kanga Distt kangra Himachal pardesh -176001
Reliance Trends Gadwal TSTGadwalReliance Trends ,Plot No.115 in Sy.Nos.693/2, 695/2, 696,
697/1 & 2, 698/1 & 2 and 701/4 IN L.P.No.610/85, Lingam Bagh Colony, Rajeev Marg Road, Gadwal Municipality, Jogulamba Gadwal District, 509125
Reliance Trends Sainikpuri TWHyderabadrelince retail limted plot no 104,survey no .218/1,defense colony,malkajgri mandal,hyderabad,telengana-500094
Reliance Trends Gajuwaka SriRamNagarVizagReliance Trends, Door No: 10-4-90,Gurukrupa Complex, Sriram Nagar, Old gajuwaka,Visakhapatnam-530026
Reliance Trends Kozhikode Ace AtriaKozhikodeReliance Trends, Ground Floor, Ace Atria, Near English
Church Road, West Nadakkavu, PIN: 673011.
Reliance Trends Udaipur Prism MallUdaipurReliance Retail Limited
Paras Prime Mall, Upper Ground Floor Paras Circle, Opp- Vishal Store
Hiran Magri ,Sector-11
Udaipur-313002 Rajasthan
Reliance Trends Perundurai TSTPerunduraiReliance Retail Ltd,
Reliance Trends – TST Survey No. 483/19
Kunnathur Rd, Perundurai – 638052
Reliance Trends Tiruchengode TSTTiruchengodeReliance Retail Ltd, Reliance Trends – TST Old Katchery Street, Velur Main Road, Tiruchengode Tamilnadu – 637211
Reliance Trends Vikarabad TSTVikarabadRRL Trends , 4-1-311/3 to 6, vikarabad town , Vikarabad
dist , telangana -501101
Reliance Trends Phaltan TSTPhaltanShah height Opp.Monita Arcade, Near Fale Hospital,
Singnapur road , Phaltan
Reliance Trends Mandir Marg KapoorthalaLucknowReliance Trends,Plot No. 626 Shekhpur Bada Chandganj Kursi
Road Lucknow 226020
Reliance Trends AllahabadAllahabadReliance Retail Ltd, 39 Shiv Charan Lal Road, Zero Road
Chowk Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-211003
Reliance Trends Artiza MallHubliReliance trends-TQ04,No,B1F-07 LGF,Marvel Artiza
Plaza,Vidyanagara Hubli.580021
Reliance Trends Artiza HubliHubliReliance trends-TP72,No,B1F-07 LGF,Marvel Artiza
Plaza,Vidyanagara Hubli.580021
Reliance Trends City Centre ChittorChittorgarhReliance Trends, City Centre Complex, Maharana Pratap Setu
Marg, Near HP Petrol Pump, Chittorgarh
Reliance Trends Errumanzil MallHyderabadRRL Trends L&T Errumanzil Mall Hyd Reliance Retail Limited Unit No- L1-09 L&T Errummanzil mall 3 / 1  Ward No.85 Block No-E Khairatabad Vil lage – Mandal 500082 Hyderabad
Reliance Trends VijayawadaVijayawadaRRL Trends Vijayawada Reliance Retail Limited D No 54-15-
14/2 R S No:453/4B453/2B Plot No 8 Block No3 Bharathinagar Besides Musaddilal and Sons Gunadala 520007 VIJAYAWADA
Reliance Trends Jaipur GT SquareJaipurTrends Jaipur GT Square Reliance Retail Limited GT Square Opp Gaurav Tower Plot No. 20/21/22/42/43/44/45 Kalyan Colony Malviya Nagar D Block 302017 JAIPUR
Reliance Trends Big Center Mall GhodbunderMumbaiReliance Retail Ltd, Reliance Trends, Big centre mall, Survey
no 14 to 34, Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadawali Gaon, Owla Thane West 400607
Reliance Trends Indra Nagar UdhampUdhampurRaj Theater at NH1A ,Indra Nagar ,opp khidmat centre
Udhampur (Dhar Road Udhampur),j&k 182101
Reliance Trends Science City AhmedabadAhmedabadReliance Trends,Ground Floor,The Capital , Opp. Hetarth Party Plot , Science City Road , Sola – Ahmedabad-380060
Reliance Trends Zolo Sarla Grand BaBangaloreReliance Trends, Sarala Grand Ground Floor Store Code –
8395, Bannerghatta Road, Opposite to Empire restaurant, Sundar Ram Shetty Nagar, Panduranganagar, Bangalore – 560076
Reliance Trends Shalimar Chamber ThoppumpadyKochiRELIANCE RETAIL PVT LTD.TRENDS WOMAN TP71 SHALIMA
Reliance Trends Punalur TSTPunalurRRL TST PUNALUR,Reliance Retail Limited, 13/347 H,I  ,
Reliance Trends Pandharpur TSTPandharpurRELIANCE TRENDS, DVP MART,DVP SQUar 4534/a1,COLLEGE
Reliance Trends ChitradurgaChitradurgaReliance Trends  Site No.1112&13 Gumasthara Colony ,4th Block  Ward No.23 P. Road,Chitradurga,Karnataka-577501
Reliance Trends Haridwar Road RoorkeeRoorkeeReliance Retail Limited Roorkee,No.-3 Civil Line Ground Floor,
Haridwar Road Near Vishal mega Mart, Roorkee- 247667,Uttarakhand
Reliance Trends Saluru TSTSALURUOld Door No-30/22-7, Shiva Towers; opp; union Bank,jaipur
Road, Vizainagram Dist-5, 535591
Reliance Trends HUNSUR TSTHunsurReliance Trends, Opp.Govt Busstand, No.3577-A,Old BM
Road, Hunsur-571105, Mysore.Karnataka
Reliance Trends SIRSI TSTSirsiReliance Trends,Ground Floor, Hospet Road ,Next to Royal
Enfield ShowRoom Ashwini  Circle Sirsi
Reliance Trends Trends HanumangarhHanumangarhRELIANCE TRENDS ,Goyal Towers,5-6 Tiwari
Colony,Hanumangarh Junction,Town Road,Oppo Ashish Cinema Hanumangarh- 335512
Reliance Trends Trends BEEDBeedReliance Trends,VARDHMAN  CHAMBERS 1-6-10 CTS NO 1792
JALANA ROAD BEED, Sathe Chowk – West-431122
Reliance Trends Sibsagar AssamSibsagarReliance Trends Limited_T866 Baruah Complex, AT Road, (
Old SBI Building ) Sivasagar – 785640 , AS , IN
Reliance Trends Kengeri Satellite Town TMBangaloreNo 36 / 37, 1st main, opp kabir Ashram, kengeri satellite
town, Bangalore 560060
Reliance Trends Bara Bazaar Rabindra SaraniKolkata263, Rabindra Sarani, Singhi Bagan, Opposite jorasanko gate (near ganesh talkies) Kolkata, West Bengal – 700007
Reliance Trends Belgaum TilakwadiBelgaumReliance Trends, CTS.No.1049\A3, Khanapur Main Road,
Tilakwadi, Belgaum-590006.
Reliance Trends QED Mall KharagpurKharagpurQED Mall, Block A,Kharagpur, Malancha Super Market(Opp-
Indian Oil Peterol Pump) Ward No-14, Paschim  Mednipur- 721304(W.B)
Reliance Trends Lucknow AliganjLucknowReliance Trends,Plot No. 19 sector KS Sitapur Road Lucknow
Reliance Trends Canara Mall, ManipalManipalReliance Retail Limited, Opposite kasturba Medical Collage,
Manipal Main Road, Canara Mall,Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka- 576104
Reliance Trends Kopargaon TSTKopargaonReliance Trends, Adinath Tower,Gurudwara Road,Next to
Sachin Watch,Kopargaon,  MH
Reliance Trends Ettumanoor TSTEttumanoorRRL TST Ettumnoor, Bee Bee Kay Arcade, Peroor
Junction,Valiyaparambil Arcade,Ettumanoor,Kottayam – 686631
Reliance Trends TM Buxi BazaarCuttackTrend’s MAN,Buxi Bazaar,Cuttack,Odisha-753001
Reliance Trends Marina Mall OMRChennaiReliance Trends, 13/1A,The Marina Mall,  F025, First Floor.
OMR Road, Egatoor Village,Chennai – 603103
Reliance Trends Gadhinglaz TSTGadhinglajReliance Trends, Silver Oak Residency, Adjacent to Reliance
petrol pump, Sankeshwar Road, Gadhinglaj – 416502, Maharashtra
Reliance Trends PARGI TSTParigiReliance Trends, Sy .No 13/2/6 , Pargi Village & Mandal,
Vikarabad Dist ,Telangana 501501.
Reliance Trends Indira Market DurgDurgWARD NO – 8 , NANTRABADI , KHASARA NO 1013/27 ,
Reliance Trends SRI VARI TOWERS KaraikalKaraikalNo: 70, Bharathiyar Road, Karaikal-609602
Reliance Trends Trends Alambagh LucknowLucknowReliance Trends,TO65,PLOT NO.-551 JHA/58-60,RAM
Reliance Trends Trichy KK NagarTRICHYReliance Trends,TS NO-24/1,2nd cross,Sundar nagar,Sathanur
main road,k.k Nagar,Trichy-620021
Reliance Trends RRL TST DoddaballapurDoddaballapuraReliance Trends,Site no 30/31, Khatha no
2572/2234/5419,Rojipura,Doddaballapur, Bangalore rural district,Doddaballapur-561203
Reliance Trends RRL TST NajibabadNajibabadReliance Trends,Bijnor Road Nazibabad
Reliance Trends A.V.K College DevanagereDavangereReliance Trends, No.41,2nd Main,AVK Collage Rd, PJ
Extension, Davanagere, Karnataka-577004
Reliance Trends Jaipur Triton MallJaipurRRL Trends Jaipur Triton Mall Reliance Retail Limited Triton
Mall Khasra No.1/1 Sita Rampura Tehsil Jaipur Jhotwara Road Near Flyover 302012 JAIPUR
Reliance Trends Express DharapuramDharapuramReliance Retail Ltd, Reliance Trends -TST N J Towers, 1A Vasantha Road, Pollachi Main Road , Dharapuram – 638656
Reliance Trends Trends Dehradun Chakrata RoadDeharadunReliance trend, 45 Bllupur Road, Front of Ramada Hotal,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
Reliance Trends AligarhAligarh3/7 (Old No. 3/5) Situated at mendu compound, marris road aligarh. pin code 202001 near center point market
Reliance Trends RRL TST BaheriBaheriKhasara no 644,Nanital Road, Dist-Bareilly,Baheri Uttar
Reliance Trends Trends ArambaghArambaghReliance Trends, The Dew Drops Ground & First Floor,
Gourhati More, P.O & P.S – Arambagh, Dist Hooghly, West Bengal – 712601
Reliance Trends IBC Complex BrahmapurBerhumpurTR29 RRL Trends BRAHAMPUR, Po/- TEHSIL BRAHAMPUR
Ganjam, Plot No – 733/3890 ,Opp Hotel Dalema ,Zanana Hospital Road, Baidyanathpur Municipal Corporation ward, PIN-760001.
Reliance Trends Pondy Bzr ChennaiChennaiReliance Trends , No 17 Thiyagaraja Road, chennai-600017
Reliance Trends RRL TST GangavathiGangavathiReliance trends , Basavaraj basalingappa veerashetty cotton mill , Kanakagiri Road , Gangavathi , Koppal-583227
Reliance Trends Trends Sawai MadhopurSawai MadhopurReliance Trends , Plot No 2 Khasra No 249,250, Ranthambhore Circle , sawaimadhopur , Rajasthan 322001
Reliance Trends RRL TST RajamRajamRRL TST Rajam, Reliance Retial Limited, Assesment No 12,
Palakonda Road, Srikakulam district, 532127
Reliance Trends RRL TST TindivanamTindivanamReliance Retail Limited,Reliance Trends, No:-51,Gingee
Reliance Trends Trends HosurHosurReliance trends,Reliance Retail limited, Opp to Maharishi
Vidya Mandir play school, Bagalur Road,Hosur, Tamilnadu – 635109
Reliance Trends symphony mall BhubaneshwarBhubaneshwarShop No:-G13&f12,Plot No:-149 ,Khata no:-596, Mauza
RudraPur , po:-Balianta ,Cuttack Bhubaneswar High Way ,Pin
Code:-752101 , Bhubaneswar Odisha
Reliance Trends Sahadatpura Mau UPMauReliance Retail Limited,No.277-78-80  Shahadatpur a,Near Ghazipur Tiraha,Mau, 275101 Mau
Reliance Trends GanganagarSri GanganagarPlot No.10-11  E Block, Gaushala Road, Sriganganaga –
Reliance Trends Western Mall PatnaPatnaRRL Trends Western Mall Patna, Reliance Retail Limited,
Western Mall Mohalla SAGUNA, R.P.S. More Bailey Road, Patna 801503
Reliance Trends BSNL office MancherialMancherialRRL Trends Mancherial,D.No.4-540 (Old D.No.4-75),Sy.No.88
Besides : BSNL Compound,Mancherial Town & Dist,504208,MANCHERIAL
Reliance Trends GP MALL HARDAHardaReliance Trends, GP MALLBUS STAND ROAD KHASRA NO.58/1
PRADESH – 461331
Reliance Trends Trends KhammamKhammamH.Nos.9-7-48 to 9-7-51 Kaman Bazaar, Khammam Town &
Municipality, Khammam District,KHAMMAM,Telangana- 507001
Reliance Trends Trends BarabankiBarabankiReliance Retail Limited Shop Khasra 271 and 272 Mohalla Paisar Munshiganj Faizabad Road Barabanki , 225001
Reliance Trends Trends Kishangarh AjmerKishanganjReliance Trends Plot No.  1 & 2, Maya Bazar Laxmi NarayanVihar Colony, Madanganj – Kishangarh, Dist – Ajmer – 305801 (Rajasthan)
Reliance Trends TST NarayangaonNarayangaonBalaji Heights,Next to IDBI Bank, at Post Warulwadi, Pune Nashik road, Narayangaon, Maharashtra-410504
Reliance Trends Trends MirajMirajTrends Miraj Reliance Retail Limited EMMANULE SPACES
Reliance Trends Trends Atria MallMumbaiatria-the millenium mall poonam chamber opp Dr annie
besant rd worli mumnai-400018
Reliance Trends TST PalavanchaPalvanchaReliance Trends, 11-2-115,116 & 117,BCM Road , New Palwancha, Bhadradri Kothagudem, Telangana 507115.
Reliance Trends TST KrishnarajanagarKrishnarajanagarReliance Trends Ltd (DDP, KR Nagar), Krishnarajanagara
3301/3202, Hassan Mysore Rd, Near Circle Krishnarajanagara- 571602.
Reliance Trends TST SiyanaSiyanaReliance Trends, Siyana, Near Bugrashi Chowk
Reliance Trends Kilimanoor TSTKilimanoorRRL TST KILIMANOOR ,Reliance Retail Limited,VK GRANDE AVENUE,Adjucent FEDERAL BANK,KILIMANOOR – 695601
Reliance Trends Aurangabad BiharAurangabadRelaince Trends, shiv shakti tower, old GT road, mouza-
baratpur, thana – nagarthana No. 559, khata no – 252, touzi No. 5858, ward no. – 02, Plot No.- 4748, Auranagabad- 824101, Bihar
Reliance Trends TW-MARKET SQUAREBangaloreMarket Square Mall (Total Mall) 1st floor, Opp. Madiwala Police station, Madiwala Bangalore 560068
Reliance Trends TM-MARKET SQUAREBangaloreReliance Retail Limited Market Square Mall ( Total Mall )Unit No F01 First Floor Hosur Road Bangalore-560068
Reliance Trends TST KunigalKunigalReliance Trends, RRl tst, kunigal no 143/123 ward No, 14 BM,
Road kunigal Tumkur Dist : 572130 ( Landmark: opp to KSRTC Bus Terimal)
Reliance Trends Trends Ahmedabad MilestoneAhmedabadReliance Trends,ahmedabad milestone building thaltej near
drive n cinema drive in road memnagar ahmedabad, Gujarat- 380052
Reliance Trends Trends RIL Mall JodhpurJodhpurReliance Trends, Reliance Mall, Plot No.7, Saraswati Nagar
Yojana, Pali Road,Jodhpur-342013
Reliance Trends TST TundlaTundlaReliance Trends,Chandra Vatica Colony,Station
Road,Tundla,Dist-Firozabad,Uttar Pradesh-283204
Reliance Trends TST SillodSillodReliance Trends,JayBhadra Copmplex Sr No 15 , Plot No
111&121 Tal-Sillod , District-Aurangabad , 431112,Maharashtra
Reliance Trends TST KalambKalamReliance Trends, Opp Muthut Finanace, Dhoki Road, Ch Sambhaji Raje Chowk. Kalamb, Maharashtra 413507
Reliance Trends TST DhoneDhoneReliance Trends,#9-51, KVS Colony, Opp Andra Bank Dhone –
Reliance Trends TST SHIRDIShirdiReliance Trends, Hotel Sai Anand, Prasadyala Chowk,Opp
Shirdi Police Station, Shirdi – 423109 ,Dist- Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Reliance Trends TST Rabhkavi BanahattiRabhkaviReliance Trends Ltd , Beside Bus stand, Terdal Road A/P
Banahatti (587311)
Reliance Trends TST SindhnurSindhanurReliance Trends Ltd , Beside SUCO bank , Gangavathi Road ,
Reliance Trends Mavelikkara TSTMavelikkaraRRL TST MAVELIKKARA,Reliance Retail Limited,Thayyil Enterprises Building PB no 36,south mitchel junction,Near Vallakalil Theatre,Mavelikkara, pin: 690101
Reliance Trends Puthanathani TSTPuthanathaniRRL TST PUTHANATHANI , OPP JUMMAH MASJID,NEAR
Reliance Trends Vengara TSTVengaraRRL Trends Express Vengara,Reliance Retail Limited. Valapil
complex,Parapanagadi road.Vengara(PO)Malappuram- 676304
Reliance Trends TST NIPANINippaniReliance Trends Ltd , Adj to Shri Brahmanath credit souhard
sahakari Niyamit,Opp Banavanna dental clinic, Chikkodi road
, Nipani-591237
Reliance Trends Tripunithura TSTTripunithuraTrends ,Prasanth Trade Centere,Opp to Aathampally Kavu
Reliance Trends Virani Sales GoaPanjimGF.FF.SF, Virani Sales, Opp. Casino Pride, Dayanand
Bandodkar Road, Panjim, Goa-403001
Reliance Trends Ottanchathiram TSTOttanchathiramDharapuram Road, Near Karthik Theatre, Ottanchatram –
Reliance Trends Channarayapatna TSTChannarayapatnaNavodaya circle, Channarayapatna Hassan Dist,
Reliance Trends Ghatkopar R CITY MallMumbaiTRENDS,Shop No. 52/53, Second floor, Second Phase,R-city Mall, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar – west, Mumbai No. 400086
Reliance Trends Perumbavoor TMS MallPerumbavoorTrends TMS Center near sanjay hospital, AM road
Perumbavoor 683542
Reliance Trends TST KattappanaKattappanaChennattumattathil building, Opp Chemmanur Jewellers,
Chennattumattom Jn, Kattapana – 685508
Reliance Trends TW Orion Mall Panvel MumbaiMumbaiReliance Retail Limited , TW-ORION MALL ,PANVEL
,Maharashtra – 410206
Reliance Trends Srirangam TrichyTRICHYReliance Trends,RRL Trends,No.44,Trichy-Chennai Trunk
Road,Mambalasalai,Trichy,621005,Tamil Nadu
Reliance Trends Krishnanagar MathuraMathuraA-3 Krishna Nagar, Opp Bank of Baroda, Mathura, 281004
Reliance Trends Thillery SquareKothamangalamNext to Ente Naadu Supermarket, Thillery Square Kozhipilli, Near St George School, Kothamangalam – 686691
Reliance Trends TJ PVP Mall VijayawadaVijayawadaRRL Trends Junior PVP Vijayawada ,VIJAYAWADA ,Andhra
Pradesh, -520010
Reliance Trends TST NelamangalaBangaloreNext to Girias showroom, opp nursery bus stop, vinayaka
layout, old BH road, Nelamangala.
Reliance Trends TST MudubidireMangaloreopp G.V.Pai Hospital, Belthangady road, Mudbidri

Zudio Vs Reliance Trends which is best for clothing shopping?

Well Tata’s Zudio stores are gaining popularity & they have aggressive expansion plan as well. So who is better Zudio or Reliance Trends?

If you are looking for budge friendly shopping under Rs.999 bracket than Zudio is best for you. Reliance trends is little expensive as compared to Zudio, their price range may go upto Rs.2999 as they have various brands; Lee Cooper, Ateesa, Srishti & Spunk as well.


When is Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 sale starting?

The sale offer is live now. It starts 11 August 2023 & ends at 16 August 2023?

What are Trends Freedom sale 2023 dates?

Trends Freedom sale 2023 starts 12 August & ends at 16 August 2023.

Is Reliance Trends open on Tuesday 15 August 2023?

Yes, Reliance friends is open on Tuesday 15 August 2023 on the occasion of Independence Day.


Reliance Trends stores are popular shopping destination for clothes shopping & provide latest collection & style at cheap prices. During the Reliance Trends Independence Day 2023 Sale event upto 80% discount is applicable on major Products.

Plan your shopping & enjoy unmatched deals & discount.