Check Is Zudio Open on Diwali 2023?

Is Zudio Open on Diwali 2023? Want to know about the Zudio clothing store timings for Diwali 2023? Well, we share complete details about is Zudio Open on Diwali on 12 November 2023. Moreover, we share the opening & closing times of the Zudio store in your city.

Knowing the timings of the nearest Zudio store is very crucial when planning your shopping. The clothing retail store from Tata Trent is always full of customers & during Diwali huge rush is expected there. So to save you time we are sharing complete details about the Zudio hours for Diwali 2023 for Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi & Pune City as well.

Is Zudio Open on Diwali 2023?

Yes, all the Zudio clothing stores are open on Diwali 2023 dated 12 November 2023. However, you need to have complete details about the opening & closing time of the store on Diwali Day. During Diwali, all the stores follow similar opening & closing times.

Zudio Store Image

As Diwali is celebrated across the Indian cities & towns, all the stores are open for Diwali, but with limited opening & closing times.

Zudio Diwali 2023Timings Details
Festive NameDiwali 2023
Date12 November 2023
Event NameZudio Diwali Sale
No. Of StoresOver 320
Store Open On DiwaliYes

What are Zudio Closing Time During Diwali 2023?

As you already know, all the clothing stores are open during Diwali 2023. Now you should know the exact opening & closing time of the store for Sunday 12 November 2023 (Diwali).

Well, During Diwali Zudio store closes the store at 3 PM. So the timings for Diwali 2023 is 09:30 AM to 03:00 PM.

As now you know the timings, you can plan your shopping accordingly. Shopping with friends & family is more joyful at the Zudio store.

You get all your latest trends clothing essentials in one place. That’s why Zudio is becoming so popular & Reliance retail is following the same path with Yousta.

Zudio 12 November 2023 TimingsDetails
Store NameZudio Retail Stores
Date12 November 2023
OccasionDiwali 2023
Opening Time9:30 AM
Closing Time03:00 PM

Zudio Opening Time on Diwali 2023 is 09:30 AM for all stores in India for shopping.

Zudio closing Time on Diwali 2023 is 3 PM, all stores are closed after 3 PM.

Note; In some cases, the stores are closed early as the stores are located in the Mall, Due to mall management or local administration restrictions the stores may close early for customers during Diwali in some areas.

Is Zudio Open on Sunday 12 November 2023?

Well, this time Diwali falls on Sunday 12 November 2023 & being Sunday you might have a question in your mind Zudio is open on Sunday or not?

Chill, All Zudio stores remain open on Sunday 12 November 2023. Now you can plan your shopping at Zudio stores & avail the exclusive offers for Diwali 2023.

Zudio Sunday 12 November 2023Status
All Zudio Stores are Open on SundayOpen

What are Zudio Sale offers for Diwali?

Being a leader in fashion & value fashion, Zudio offers huge discounts & savings offers for your fashion shopping. If you have ever been to Big Bazaar, Smart Bazaar Bazaar of Fbb stores, you may find similar products quality at affordable prices there.

  • Zudio perfume buy 1 get 1 free
  • The fashion range starts at Rs.149 only,
  • Ladies’ festive collection starts at Rs.299 only,
  • Men’s festive kurta collection starts at Rs.299 only,

What is the Best Time to Visit Zudio store during Diwali?

Well, as you know the opening & closing timings of the Zudios tore for Diwali 2023. you must be wondering what is the best time to visit the store.

If you are someone like me who always likes to avoid the rush & skip the long queue, you can follow the below timings which are personally followed.

I always avoid visiting the store on Sundays and holidays. During the festive season, you may follow the below timings to visit the store & avoid a huge rush. Moreover, all the offers & deals remain the same.

Day Best Time To Visit Zudio Store
Monday10 AM to 4 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 4 PM
Thrusday10 AM to 5 PM
Friday11 AM to 2 PM
Staruday10 AM to 3 PM
Saturday9 AM to 2 PM

Zudio Product Category

If you are new to Zudio stores, must be wondering what is the category in which Zudio deals. Well, being a fashion retailer they are mainly dealing in clothing & fashion apparel.

But to extend they have additional categories as well; Perfume, Deos, Purses, Accessores. Below are the main categories which they offer from the retail store.

Zudio Men Clothing Zudio Women Clothing
Casual WearWestern wear
Denim & ChinosEthincwear
SportswearSleepwear & Sportswear

Is Zudio Open Today Near Me on Sunday Diwali?

Well, the answer is yes Zudio clothing store is open. To find a list of stores you can find the store list on their official website or through Google Maps.

If you are unable to find the list, check the below store list. Store name & timings for Diwali is given for your ease.

Hope you find this list helpful.

Zudio Store NameDiwali Opening TimeDiwali Closing Time
Zudio – Ahmedabad , Satyamev Elite9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio–Gurugram, Sohna Road9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Davanagere, Ss Gardenia Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Chennai, Padur9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Imphal, Phuni Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Patna, Saguna Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Pune, Sai Paradise9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Bengaluru, Kammanahalli9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Palakkad, English Church Road9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Thiruvananthapuram, Mkp Square9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Bengaluru, Shantiniketan9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Gaya, Nagmatia Colony9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Mumbai, Metro Junction Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Panvel, Prajapati Opal Panvel9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio– Surat,  Vip Road Vesu9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio– Surat,  Vip Road Vesu9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Bareilly, Phoenix United Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Pune, Aero Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Ghaziabad, Raj Nagar9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Navi Mumbai, Mayuresh Square9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Guwahati, Paltan Bazaar9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Indore, Phoenix Citadel Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Ghaziabad, Pacific Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Kolkata, Rajarhat9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Jammu, Chanirama Bypass9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Faridabad, Neelam Chowk9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Vapi, R-Square9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Nashik, Shree Kalika Plaza9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Tezpur9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Mumbai, Vasai9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Surat, Milano Multplex Bardoli9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Bhiwadi, Genesis Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Nagpur, Landmark Complex9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio–Thiruvananthapuram, Mahatma Gandhi Road9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio–Bhiwandi, Harmony Arcade9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio medabad, Himalaya Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Erode, Gs Complex9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Dibrugarh9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Panipat, G T Road9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Calicut, Malappuram9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Star Bazaar, Ahmedabad, Kankubagh Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Rohtak, Delhi Road9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Godhra9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Kochi, Heera Carnival9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Hyderabad, Malkajgiri,9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Bareilly, Rampur Baug9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Visakhapatnam, R K Estate9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Kota, Talwandi9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio – Zirakpur, Oxford Street9:30 AM3:00 PM
Zudio Gwalior, Keshar Mall9:30 AM3:00 PM


Is Zudio Open on Diwali 2023?

Yes, all Zudio stores are open on Diwali 2023.

What time does Zudio open on Diwali 2023?

The opening time for Zudio stores during Diwali is 09:30 AM.

What time does Zudio close on Diwali 2023?

During Diwali 2023 the Zudio standard closing timings are 3 PM.

Is Zudio open on Sunday 12 November 2023?

Yes, on 12 November 2023, Sunday all Zudio stores are open.

What are Zudio Timings for Diwali 2023?

The timings are open time; 9:30 AM & closing time 3 PM.


Today we share comprehensive details about is Zudio Open on Diwali 2023. So all the stores are open during Diwali day 12 November 2023. Check the Diwali sale offer before visiting the store.